Predictable revenue starts with better CRM data

Today, a CRM a.k.a ‘system of records’ misses at least 50% of contact and sales activity data. Until now, there was no way to measure just how much and what data is missing. Now, there’s Nektar. As part of our launch, we are offering a free, no-obligation, data-protected CRM scan worth $15,000.

Get started in 2-steps :
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Once implemented, Nektar’s AI will scan your Salesforce CRM for historical data gaps. Within a few hours, it will provide you with a report on how much and what data is missing.

Your Salesforce data will remain untouched.

Get your CRM data scan report

See how much data your CRM is missing with a free, no-obligation, data-protected CRM scan.
1) Get CRM health score, benchmarked across companies
2) <30 mins of implementation time

Eliminate CRM data leaks, forever

In 2022, ‘Growth at all cost’ is dead. It’s time for ‘Productivity at all costs’.

The ’Growth at all costs’ mindset forced the crowding of revenue stacks. This led to disconnected tools and broken processes resulting in data leaks and silos.

30-70% of contact and sales activity data – the fundamental data blocks that can answer any critical business question, remains buried away in these siloed tools without ever making their way into a CRM. Poor CRM data leads to poor revenue insights.

It’s time to eliminate the CRM data leak.

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Happy customers with real results

“Using Nektar insights, we were able to identify the relationships we needed to create, strengthen or fix across key accounts. Which key relationships have been established or improved. What steps have been taken towards new opportunities”

Neil Barman 

Chief Growth Officer


“ABM Tools will tell you which are the hot accounts to target, but Nektar gives you the on-ground visibility of what is happening in these identified hot accounts. This helps us make real-time changes to who we target and how we engage with them. That’s critical, especially as the world becomes ever more digital.”

John Aguilar

Senior Director Sales Operations, Lily AI

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