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10 Salesforce Tools To Empower Your Reps in 2024

Looking for Salesforce tools to add to your tech stack? Here are the top tools for you to consider in 2024.

The largest software investment for a company is Salesforce. Yet, most Salesforce CRMs fail to deliver the value they promised. Salesforce tools can help companies derive better ROI from their Salesforce CRM. And justify the steep investment to their management.

If you are looking for top Salesforce tools to invest in 2024 to drive rep productivity, we have got you covered. Here is a list of top Salesforce tools for you to consider in 2024.

salesforce tools

Why Do You Need Salesforce Tools?

Of course, we all want our sales team to perform at their best and be as productive as possible. This means ensuring that they spend their time effectively, doing what they do best.

Closing deals.

The right tool shows exactly where sales reps are spending their time

Teams that are able to utilize these tools efficiently can generate more leads and convert those leads into revenue compared to lesser productive companies. In fact, 79% of sales executives say that improving productivity among their reps is the way to hit new targets.

Sales is not just limited to emails and calls. It needs software to gather and organize an all-around view of the company’s relationship with the client. Sales also entail a lot of activities that are not directly sales-related, like admin work, answering emails, updating the statuses of prospects, etc. (which consume a good chunk of time)

Identify the key stakeholders in every deal with the right tool

Sales professionals spend 17% of their time entering data into the CRM. If this process is automated, you can reclaim lost time which can be utilized for more important tasks.

Top 10 Salesforce Tools for 2024

Here are the top Salesforce tools for you to consider in 2024:

1. Nektar

salesforce tools

Most Salesforce CRMs miss more than 50% of critical buyer contacts and sales activities. Reason? Sellers do not update a CRM. Poor Salesforce adoption results in poor CRM data, which translates into poor insights for revenue leaders. Making Salesforce a wasted investment.

Nektar completely transforms this with AI-enabled CRM automation resulting in achieving unmatched Salesforce ROI. Nektar self-heals all bad, stale, or missing data. With Nektar, you can gain a data-packed Salesforce CRM that continuously maintains the highest data integrity.

Key features:

  • Contact Automation

Bring together all the contacts into your CRM automatically

  • Pipeline Progression

Identify pipeline risks early before they become a threat

  • Rep Productivity

Scale revenue-winning patterns across teams

  • Pipeline Creation

Get complete visibility into all prospects stages and understand which deals are expected to close

  • Relationship Intelligence

Understand key stakeholders involved and get ideas of the fastest journey among stakeholders to close deals

  • Salesforce ROI

Plugs in the gaps in Salesforce CRM to bring together all the information to convert leads into ROI


Nektar’s pricing is flexible depending on the business and solutions required. Nektar also offers a free CRM scan to identify key gaps on where revenue is being lost in the sales process.

2. Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insights is a sales productivity platform that effortlessly combines Salesforce with your email inbox, enabling your sales reps to streamline your sales workflow and boost productivity to the max.

Key features:

  • Email Integration

Sync emails, contacts and calendars with Salesforce

  • Calendar Scheduling

Schedule calls and meetings directly from your inbox

  • Email Tracking & Analytics

Track email open rates, clicks, and engagements in real-time

  • Template & Document Management

Create & use email templates with ease of sharing documents

  • Follow-up Reminders & Tasks

Set up reminders & tasks to stay organized with your sales teams and activities

  • Team Collaboration

Share winning templates or mails strategies with teams for faster conversion

  • Salesforce Data Access

View and update client details and information on Salesforce

  • Mobile App

Available as a mobile app to download and update on the go


Cirrus Insight offers a free trial for most of its plans for users:

  • Salesforce Sync Plan – $10/year/user
  • Pro Plan – $21/year/user
  • Expert Plan – $29/year/user
  • Sync+ Plan – $4/user/month/year

3. Demandbase

Demandbase is an account-based marketing and sales platform designed to help businesses target and engage key accounts in a personalized and effective way. Companies can align their marketing and sales teams, gain deep insights into account activity, and drive revenue growth through strategic account-based strategies.

Key Features:

  • ABM Marketing

Engage targeted accounts with personalized emails, content, campaigns, and messaging

  • Account-Based Sales (ABS)

Entrust sales teams with account intelligence, prioritization, and collaboration tools.

Grow collaborations between sales and marketing teams, ensuring a unified approach to ABM.

  • Account Orchestration and Analytics

Manage and track account activities, measure the engagement and gain actionable insights.

  • Multi-Channel Engagement

Reach targeted accounts through multiple channels, including email, social, and advertising.

  • Relationship Intelligence

Gain visibility into account relationships, understand influencers, and identify key contacts.

Check the gaps in your salesforce reports, with an no-obligation free CRM scan report.


The pricing is available upon request. To get detailed pricing information and explore the best package, you can contact the Engagio sales team directly through their website or by reaching out to their sales representatives.

4. ZoomInfo SalesOS

Zoominfo SalesOS is a sales intelligence and productivity tool designed to help the sales team connect with the ideal prospects more efficiently. It provides insights into high-quality data on companies and provides a suite of tools to help boost sales productivity, stay organized to close maximum deals. 

Key features:

  • Sales prospecting

Superior search and filtering capabilities to identify prospects based on various criteria like industry, job title etc

  • Company and contact data

Access to the latest information on companies and various decision makers

  • Sales engagement

Automating calls and emails with personalized templates, scheduling and call recording

  • Sales intelligence

Insights on trends and updates to help reps send latest and custom messages


ZoomInfo Sales OS offers flexible pricing plans based on the size of your sales team and the features you need.

5. Dooly

Dooly is a sales enablement platform designed to help sales reps close deals faster by eliminating manual data entry and automating workflows.

Key features:

  • Automated Workflows

Ability to automate tasks like data entry, lead routing, and follow-up reminders

  • Salesforce Integration

Seamlessly sync data, notes, tasks, and opportunities with Salesforce for better tracking

  • Customizable Templates

Create custom templates for proposals, demos, and other sales collateral

  • Collaborative Notes

Share notes and insights with teammates and collaborate in real-time

  • Call Transcription

Automatically transcribe calls and meetings with prospects

  • Analytics Dashboard

Track team performance and analyze sales data with custom dashboards


  • Free Plan – $0
  • Growth Plan – $30
  • Premier Plan – %65

6. SalesFunnel by InsightSquared

SalesFunnel by InsightSquared is a robust sales forecasting and pipeline management tool designed to help businesses accurately track, analyze, and optimize their sales performance. Sales teams can gain valuable insights into their sales pipeline, identify potential bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions to drive revenue growth.

Key features:

  • Pipeline Management

Visualize and manage sales pipelines, track opportunities, and prioritize high-value deals.

  • Sales Forecasting

Accurately predicts sales revenue and tracks progress toward targets with advanced forecasting.

  • Deal Velocity Analysis

Analyze the time taken for each deal, identify bottlenecks, and take actions to accelerate sales.

  • Sales Performance Analytics

Access comprehensive analytics and reports to measure sales performance and identify trends.

  • Customizable Dashboards

Create personalized dashboards with key metrics, charts, and reports for real-time insights.

  • Forecast Accuracy Tracking

Evaluate the accuracy of your sales forecasts and make adjustments to improve forecast reliability.


The pricing for SalesFunnel by InsightSquared is available upon request. To get detailed pricing information and discuss the best pricing plan, you can reach out to the InsightSquared sales team directly through their website or by contacting their sales representatives.

7. Conga Composer

Conga Composer is a comprehensive document automation and reporting tool empowering businesses to streamline their document generation processes, enhance efficiency, and improve overall productivity. Users can easily create, customize, and deliver dynamic documents, reports, and presentations directly from Salesforce, eliminating manual tasks and saving valuable time.

Key features:

  • Template Management

Create & manage templates to ensure consistency and streamline document creation processes.

  • Document Generation

Generate professional and personalized documents, such as proposals, contracts, and invoices.

  • Data Merge and Automation

Automatically populate documents with data from Salesforce records for accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Workflow Automation

Define workflows and automate document generation based on specific triggers and conditions.

  • E-Signature Integration

Seamlessly integrates with e-signature platforms to enable secure and efficient document signing.

  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Generate insightful reports and analytics to track document usage, engagement, and performance.

The pricing varies depending on factors such as the number of users, desired features, and additional services or customizations required. To obtain detailed pricing information and explore the available pricing plans for your organization, it is recommended to contact the Conga sales team directly. 

8. Groove

Groove is a top sales engagement platform designed for sales leaders who want to execute their strategy in a smart and adaptive way. It helps businesses drive greater efficiency and effectiveness across the entire customer lifecycle by using automation to do more with less. 

Groove has also been recognized for its exceptional customer satisfaction, ranking #1 in enterprise customer satisfaction on G2 for four consecutive years. Additionally, Groove has been named one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the U.S. on the Inc. 5000 list since 2020.

Key Features:

  • Calendar integration

Sync your rep’s calendars with Google Calendar or Outlook to schedule appointments and calls.

  • Email Management

Create, send, and manage emails and automate follow-ups in a single platform.

  • Salesforce Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to consolidate and showcase all data and keep them updated.

  • Call Management

Track, make, receive and store calls directly from the platform.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Data, reports and insights of all sales reps to track performance and check on the productivity and stakeholder management.

  • Sales Coaching

Preparing and training sales reps to improve the sales performance.

  • Account-Based Selling

Focus on selling to a set of high-value accounts.

Groove offers pricing depending on the type of business and its requirements.

9. Ambition

Ambition is a sales performance management and gamification tool helping businesses drive sales effectiveness and motivates sales teams to achieve their goals. With Ambition, organizations can create a culture of performance, transparency, and accountability, aligning their sales efforts with business objectives and driving revenue growth.

Key features:

  • Performance Tracking and Metrics

Track and measure key performance metrics, such as calls made, deals closed, and revenue generated, to monitor individual and team performance.

  • Gamification and Incentives

Implement gamification elements, such as badges, rewards, and competitions, to engage and motivate sales reps to exceed their targets.

  • Goal Setting and Tracking

Set sales goals, targets, and milestones for individuals and teams and track progress toward achieving them.

  • Real-Time Leaderboards and Scorecards

Display real-time leaderboards and scorecards to foster competition, drive motivation, and promote transparency within the sales team.

  • Coaching and Performance Feedback

Provide coaching and feedback to sales reps based on their performance data, enabling continuous improvement and skill development.

  • Data Integration and Reporting

Integrate with CRM systems and other data sources to gather accurate sales data, and generate comprehensive reports and analytics for actionable insights.


The pricing is customized based on the specific needs and requirements of each organization. Factors such as the number of users, desired features, and additional services may influence the pricing structure. To get detailed pricing information and explore the available pricing plans, it is recommended to contact the Ambition sales team. 

10. Clearbit

Clearbit is a powerful enrichment and data intelligence tool enabling businesses to gain valuable insights and enrich their customer data. By leveraging Clearbit’s robust data APIs and integrations, organizations can enhance their understanding of customers, personalize their marketing efforts, and make informed business decisions.

Key features:

  • Lead Generation and Prospecting

Identify and discover new leads by leveraging a vast database, which includes firmographic data, social profiles, and technographic information.

  • Company and Contact Enrichment

Access a comprehensive database of company and contact information to enrich and enhance customer records with valuable data points.

  • Data Cleansing and Verification

Ensure data accuracy and reliability by verifying and cleansing customer information, reducing duplicates, and maintaining data integrity.

  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Enable personalized marketing campaigns by segmenting and targeting accounts based on various criteria, such as industry, company size, or technology usage.

  • Data Integration and Automation

Integrate Clearbit with CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, and other tools to automate data enrichment processes and enable seamless data workflows.

  • Analytics and Insights

Gain actionable insights and analytics about customers and prospects, including firmographic trends, market segments, and customer behavior patterns.


Clearbit offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different business needs. The pricing structure is based on factors such as the volume of data usage, the number of API calls, and the desired features. To get detailed pricing information and explore the available plans, it is recommended to visit the Clearbit website or contact their sales team. 

Make your Salesforce a self-healing data-packed CRM with Nektar!


Salesforce is a key technology in your daily operations. Use these tools to make Salesforce work better for your teams. But data lies at the heart of Salesforce working in an optimal way. Nektar updates Salesforce with clean and complete data so that you can make the right decisions with those insights.

Talk to our experts to identify where your Salesforce might be leaking and what can be done to plug these gaps to boost sales and productivity using a single tool


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