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Top 5 Salesforce Communities to Join

Uncover the top 5 Salesforce communities with Nektar. Boost your knowledge, network with experts, and drive revenue growth.

Success in the world of Salesforce development hinges on more than just mastering the platform’s tools and techniques. 

It also depends on being part of a thriving community that fosters knowledge-sharing, problem-solving, and collaboration. 

This article looks at Salesforce communities, shedding light on the essential forums and networks that have become invaluable resources for developers. 

These platforms offer unparalleled support and insights to help you excel in the Salesforce ecosystem. So, let’s uncover the best communities you can consider joining.

Advantages of Joining Salesforce Communities

Salesforce developers and users operate within a dynamic ecosystem that is constantly evolving. In this environment, effective communication, support, and collaboration are critical. Salesforce forums and communities are an ideal and thriving place where developers can build their skills and troubleshoot challenges. 

Here are some reasons why these digital spaces are indispensable for Salesforce developers.

1. Knowledge sharing

Salesforce is renowned for its versatility, with many features and functionalities. Navigating this complexity can be daunting, especially for those new to the platform. Forums and communities offer developers a platform to share their experiences and best practices. Tapping into the community’s collective knowledge can help developers accelerate their learning curve.

2. Troubleshooting support

Encountering issues and bugs is par for the course in software development. Salesforce developers can often experience unique challenges that require precise solutions. Forums provide a venue where developers can seek assistance from peers who may have faced similar issues. The collective problem-solving power of the community can help troubleshoot problems efficiently.

3. Networking opportunities

Building a professional network is critical across fields, and Salesforce is no exception. Forums and communities allow developers to connect with like-minded individuals and potential mentors. These connections can lead to valuable insights, job opportunities, and partnerships to further one’s career in Salesforce development.

4. Staying informed

The Salesforce platform undergoes regular updates and enhancements. Staying informed about these changes helps developers ensure their solutions remain up-to-date and compliant with best practices. Communities are hubs for sharing news and release notes, which help developers stay on the cutting edge of Salesforce technology.

Five Best Salesforce Communities to Join

Here are five options you can explore if you are looking to join a Salesforce community.

1. Wizard of Ops

Salesforce communities

Wizard of Ops is a popular Salesforce community that beckons developers with its rapidly expanding membership base. It caters exclusively to operators, leaders, and Salesforce administrators. With over 3,700 active members, WizOps is a thriving hub for those deeply involved in crafting systems and integrations within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

Members gain access to private online networking opportunities, workshops and webinars, and peer reviews. Most notably, WizOps offers all these benefits entirely free of charge. As a testament to its commitment to fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration, WizOps is an indispensable resource for professionals seeking to excel in their Salesforce endeavors.

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2. ISV Slack Community

Salesforce communities to join

The ISV Slack Community is a tailored Salesforce community thoughtfully created by and for individuals engaged in go-to-market functions at Salesforce ISVs (Independent Software Vendors). They work with the shared goal of collective improvement. Within this community, participants include everyone from sales leadership, alliances, founders, and demand generation professionals. 

Here, open and candid discussions thrive, where members exchange insights on what works and what doesn’t. To maintain a harmonious and collaborative atmosphere, access is exclusively for those who do not hold employment with Salesforce, ensuring a comfortable space for all.

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3. Trailblazer Community

Trailblazer Community

The Trailblazer Community is an inclusive Salesforce community that extends an invitation to developers and professionals from across the globe. As a member, you have the opportunity to cultivate and refine your skills, all while forging meaningful connections with fellow Trailblazers. 

The vibrant community is a haven for those who seek to learn, grow, and collaborate, with millions of members actively blazing trails within the Salesforce ecosystem. Beyond professional development, the Trailblazer Community promises an enriching journey filled with valuable experiences and the chance to give back to the community.

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4. Salesforce Stack Exchange

Salesforce Stack Exchange

Salesforce Stack Exchange is a valuable resource within the Salesforce community. It offers a dedicated platform for Salesforce administrators, implementation experts, developers, and individuals from various roles. This question-and-answer site provides an efficient and user-friendly environment for knowledge-sharing and problem-solving within the Salesforce ecosystem. 

With a seamless signup process that takes only a minute, Salesforce Stack Exchange encourages active participation. It enables members to seek and provide assistance promptly. Grappling with a complex development issue or simply seeking insights? This community offers a collaborative space where individuals of diverse expertise can find solutions to their Salesforce-related queries.

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5. Forcetalks


Forcetalks, a thriving Salesforce community, is another leading option for developers and enthusiasts. Much more than just a platform, it is a living encyclopedia catering to the needs of Salesforce users globally. Forcetalks offers a wealth of content across comprehensive Salesforce topics for everyone from an aspiring developer to a seasoned professional.

Within this dynamic community, you gain access to the latest Salesforce updates, tech blogs, explanatory articles, tutorial videos, and insightful statistical infographics. With Forcetalks, knowledge seekers can conveniently find all they need in one centralized location for better understanding and proficiency in Salesforce.

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  • What are communities in Salesforce?

Communities in Salesforce are digital spaces facilitating collaboration and information sharing among developers. These communities are created using Salesforce Community Cloud and remain customizable. They provide a way to connect and collaborate with specific user groups. There are features like discussion boards, knowledge sharing, and access to data.

  • What are good examples of Salesforce communities?

There are several notable examples of Salesforce communities across use cases. Some prominent names include Wizard of Ops, ISV Slack Community, and Trailblazer Community.

  • What is the best Salesforce forum?

Identifying the best Salesforce forum can depend on your preferences. There are several community platforms like Wizard of Ops and the Trailblazer Community. These are excellent resources for connecting with various Salesforce experts and professionals. 


The Salesforce development landscape has many vibrant communities. Each offers unique advantages to developers seeking to excel within the Salesforce ecosystem. Developers have plenty of resources, whether it’s the tailored expertise of communities like WizOps or ISV Slack Community or the global network and camaraderie fostered by the Trailblazer Community. 

These communities exemplify the collaborative spirit of the Salesforce ecosystem, where knowledge is freely shared and problems collectively solved. As a developer striving for excellence in the Salesforce landscape, you can rest assured these communities are invaluable allies in your journey. You can seek guidance and a sense of belonging within Salesforce.


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