Build a scalable, repeatable sales motion with true pipeline visibility

Know better to sell better. Unified contacts, buying group maps, actionable leading indicators of deal health and pipeline performance equip sales leaders with insights to achieve repeatable sales success.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Data capture and intelligence layer

built for sales leaders 

Open more doors with more

active contacts

Encourage multithreaded conversations by equipping your reps with additional contacts that are:

  • auto-discovered from all your sales tools
  • auto-enriched with buying group roles; and
  • auto-mapped to active opportunities in Salesforce

Trigger pivotal engagements with buying group intelligence

Instantly grant your reps the knowledge of a buying committee map, so they know whom to engage, how, and when to best influence deal progress.

Pipeline visibility with real-time activity intelligence

  • Focus on the right deals with in-depth activity intelligence for every deal, highlighting rep performance, pipeline progression, and the risks to mitigate.
  • Utilize such insights to build a scalable sales motion that best suits your company.

Build a high-performing (remote) sales team

  • Asynchronously guide your reps with 1-1 personalized coaching in context to the deals they are working on.
  • Replicate the winning behaviors of your top performers and standardize your sales execution.

Save your reps from mundane manual data entry

Give reps valuable time back to do what they do best – sell.

  • automatically capture structured (names, titles, email, phone number) and unstructured (email threads) data, and
  • contextually update them against active opportunities, with zero intervention from your reps

Ready to empower your sales reps to sell better?

No rep adoption required

Secure by design – SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant

Configured to your business needs

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