Level up your ABM with greater reach and engagement

Effective ABM influences sales cycles and win rates. However, they’re only effective if the contact data of buyers is accurate. Nektar not only offers first-party, marketable contacts for every account, but it also gives marketers insights into buying committee maps, buyer-seller engagement, and pipeline progression – critical knowledge needed to run efficient ABM campaigns.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Revive ghosted and lost deals, and influence ongoing deals through ABM campaigns using up-to-date first-party buyer contacts that are captured directly from sellers’ inboxes and calendars.

Boost funnel conversions by hyper-targeting buyers using insights into buyer engagement in hot accounts, their buying role, and the sales stage of the account.

What our customers say

“ABM Tools will tell you which are the hot accounts to target, but Nektar gives you the on ground visibility of what is happening in these identified hot accounts. This helps us make real-time changes to who we target and how we engage with them. That’s critical, especially as the world becomes even more digital.”

Marry intent data with buyer engagement data to run contextualized campaigns by learning how sellers are engaging buyers across accounts.

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