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Almost every sales leader and revenue operations team we work with is trying to improve their rep productivity. They have invested in 10-15 tools across GTM teams to help them get actionable insights and eventually, sell more! But most of these tools are trying to do everything, from automating data capture to providing analytics (forecasting, opportunity management, etc.). This means that customers end up paying 10X more and creating duplicates in their CRM. In fact, the data that is added by each tool is conflicting and depends on the tools’ maturity of data capture, matching, and filtering technology.

At Nektar, we believe that the future of the RevOps system is a “unified data capture” that assures CRM data integrity and hygiene by uniting data (contextually!) from all tools that teams use to communicate with their prospects or track pipeline or manage their customers.

Nektar’s AI is developed using the graph machine learning technique that innovators like Tesla follow. This new-age design ensures superior ‘capture-enrich-map’ performance even in the most complex scenarios.

What exactly will this report show you?
  • The overall health of your CRM data – missing contacts across accounts and opportunities, missing sales engagement activities
  • Do you have enough data to run ABM campaigns, conduct win-loss analysis, accelerate sales cycles
  • How much data can be enriched back in your CRM without asking reps to do anything

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“Using Nektar insights, we were able to identify the relationships we needed to create, strengthen or fix across key accounts. Which key relationships have been established or improved. What steps have been taken towards new opportunities”

Neil Barman 

Chief Growth Officer


“ABM Tools will tell you which are the hot accounts to target, but Nektar gives you the on-ground visibility of what is happening in these identified hot accounts. This helps us make real-time changes to who we target and how we engage with them. That’s critical, especially as the world becomes ever more digital.”

John Aguilar

Senior Director Sales Operations, Lily AI

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