Make Unified Revenue Data your Competitive Advantage

79% of opportunity data never makes it to your CRM because of poor CRM adoption and a crowded GTM tech stack. While an afterthought for most solutions, unifying revenue data from all GTM tools is Nektar’s core philosophy. Ultimately, revenue planning is only as good as the quality of data.

Unleash an In-Depth and Extensive Data Capturing Capability

Unparalleled AI Technology

Nektar’s AI is developed using the graph machine learning technique that innovators like Tesla follow. This new-age design ensures superior ‘capture-enrich-map’ performance even in the most complex deals.

Data Time Travel for Day 1 ROI

On day 1 of go-live, Nektar scans your CRM to plug historical data gaps in your accounts and opportunities. So,

  • more first-party, GDPR-compliant contacts for Marketing to reach via campaigns
  • more pipeline data and an always-updated CRM for RevOps to leverage, and
  • more buyer-seller engagement data for Sales leaders to analyze and build a scalable, repeatable sales motion.

ROI on day 1 seems exaggerated?

Participate in no-obligation free CRM scan, and check how much data you are missing!

Largest Coverage of Advanced and Edge Cases

A testimony to our data-first principle, Nektar is the only data capture solution that covers not only the common use cases but also an extensive list of advanced and edge cases needed by revenue leaders for GTM success.

Complements your GTM Tech Stack

Nektar’s purpose is to offer a true view of CRM data to revenue teams, and so it can seamlessly co-exist with any of your existing GTM tools. Nektar-powered CRM data can be fed into your business intelligence tools for more accurate reporting.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Automated Data Capture-Enrich-Map Process

A Nektar-Powered CRM is a Data-Packed CRM

See how much data your CRM is missing with a free, no-obligation, data-protected CRM scan.

No rep adoption required

Secure by design – SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant

Configured to your business needs