It’s not Clari OR Nektar, they co-exist

Clari is a forecasting solution that tells you if you’ll meet, beat, or miss revenue.

But forecasting models are 100% dependent on the input data, which is typically the CRM data.

Most forecasting solutions do not take responsibility for cleaning and maintaining your CRM data. So, “Garbage in = Garbage out”. If you’re still solving for poor CRM data, this page is for you.

“From my own personal standpoint, when it comes to sales technology, I am a big believer in utilizing what certain companies were founded on and what they have mastered. Even if it means that my tech stack is larger in number than what others might use. The all-in-one solutions that tend to happen often leave you wanting more. Nektar was designed around a specific need that we had – missing CRM data, and from the moment I saw the demo, I could tell it was light years ahead of what other companies like Clari, Gong were trying to do as an add-on product, which wasn’t their focus.

– Director of Revenue Operations at the Commercial Property Risk Company

We get compared to Clari, a lot

Maybe it’s because we’re listed in the same G2 grid. Maybe it’s because Clari also works with revenue operations. And yet, we share many mutual customers who are happy that ‘both of us’ exist. Nektar solves their upstream CRM data problem, and Clari solves their downstream forecasting problem.

“CRM data can never be clean,
we’ve accepted it”

Says every revenue operations and sales leader we speak with. And, why wouldn’t they? Solutions have been promising ‘the best CRM data quality’ since the early 2000s, but never delivered on their promise.

Solutions developed 5-10-15 years back do not have the infrastructure, expertise, or technology to contextually map historical and ongoing revenue data in the relevant objects and fields of a CRM.

Forecasting is 100% dependent on high-quality CRM data, which is why it cannot be Clari OR Nektar.

Comparing Nektar to Clari

Core to Clari is its forecasting capabilities. It helps sales leaders run their forecasts and highlight the pipeline, best-case, and commit revenues.

Nektar, however, is purpose-built to eliminate the problem of dirty, incomplete CRM data. Garbage in = garbage out, NO MORE.

So what’s the difference?


  • Needs adoption by sales reps, managers, leaders, and CFOs.
  • Built for revenue strategy with forecasting as its core capability.
  • Clari shows which deals are getting pushed out or pulled in, and also provides deal scores that indicate the health of ongoing deals.
  • Clari needs clean and complete CRM data to provide accurate forecasts.
  • Clari, through its acquisition of Wingman, provides conversation intelligence.
  • Clari enhances collaboration between buyers and sellers by sharing plans, aligning business objectives, and managing stakeholders

Clari specializes in forecasting and revenue collaboration with some supporting conversation intelligence and activity capture capabilities.


  • Zero adoption is needed across all customer-facing teams.
  • Built for revenue efficiency and agility. Nektar provides first-party contact and buyer engagement data needed to run GTM operations.
  • Nektar data shows ‘why’ deals are getting pushed out (or pulled in), ‘why’ top sellers are successful, ‘why’ sales execution is working (or not working), and more.
  • Nektar is the best solution for capturing contacts, sales activities, and partner activities from:
  • inboxes (including Gmail, Outlook)
  • calendars (Google Calendar, Outlook calendar), and
  • other channels (Zoom, LinkedIn)
  • Nektar enhances the performance of Clari and other tools that depend on CRM data.
  • Nektar sends actionable alerts on deal and pipeline performance in the flow of work on Slack & MS Teams.

Nektar specializes in contact and activity capture (which enhances forecasting capabilities) and proactive sales execution through actionable Slack alerts.

Depth & breadth of data capture


more CRM data on Day 1

through historical data scan


more contacts data

v/s plugin-based solutions


more activity data

v/s sales engagement platforms

Why revenue leaders love Nektar

Zero adoption;
fits into your existing workflow
No ‘death by dashboards’, only timely insights
and data integrity
customer success

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Unmatched mid-funnel visibility and forecasting with Nektar + Clari

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