Nektar or Gong? Depends on what you’re solving

If you’re solving for unified revenue data in your CRM, Nektar is the answer.
If you’re solving for CRM data hygiene, Nektar is the answer. If you’re looking for ‘actionable’ visibility that helps optimize funnel conversions, Nektar is the answer.

If you’re looking to put revenue operations on auto-pilot, Nektar is the answer. If you simply want to enhance Gong’s performance, Nektar is the answer.

We get compared to Gong…often

Yes, both fall in the sales tech category. Yes, both sell to the same people. But the similarities stop there. As products, we’re fundamentally different.

Gong’s foundation is in conversation intelligence – recording customer conversations, processing them, and understanding exactly what was being said: the good, the bad — the reality. This foundation helps with sales coaching and forecasting.

Nektar’s foundation is in ‘automatically’ unifying revenue activities – emails, meetings, calls, from wherever they happen – inbox, calendar, social, and syncing them in your CRM in the right accounts and opportunities. This is done across all revenue-facing teams – SDR, BDR, sales, customer success, account management, and partnerships – with zero adoption and zero change management. This best-in-class activity capture unlocks actionable visibility that helps improve funnel efficiency.

Comparing Nektar to Gong

The real difference is rooted in the depth and breadth of data capture and the product philosophy.

Our customers use both Gong and Nektar.

They use Gong for conversation intelligence, while Nektar is used for capturing all revenue activities and buyer contacts from buyer-seller interactions.

Since Nektar adds the captured data into Salesforce, and Gong leverages Salesforce data for some of its reports, our customers have seen greater accuracy in Gong’s analytics.

So what’s the difference?


  • Built for frontline teams, managers, and leadership with a specialization in sales coaching and reporting.
  • A complex platform that requires training and enablement, and often faces poor adoption challenges.
  • Captured data is added to custom Salesforce objects that Gong creates. So, when Gong is plugged out, all captured data on Salesforce is lost.
  • Revenue intelligence is locked in dashboards that every individual must consume. Alignment and collaboration can only be done during weekly meetings where these dashboards are referred to.
  • Intermediate activity capture capabilities. Given it is a vast platform, a roadmap for ‘unified’ activity capture will not be a priority.
  • Implementation can run into weeks.
  • Data capture is primarily for business development and sales teams.
  • While Gong adds contacts and job titles on the custom Gong objects on Salesforce, it does not translate these into the buying committee.
  • Since Gong uses Salesforce data for its analytics capabilities, Nektar can enhance Gong’s performance.


  • Built for revenue operation teams and executive leadership teams with a specialization in capturing revenue data and driving funnel efficiency.
  • A no-code platform requires zero adoption and zero change management.
  • All captured data is added to standard objects of Salesforce so even when Nektar is plugged out, all captured data remains untouched.
  • Actionable intelligence is delivered on Slack or Microsoft Teams channels and DMs. The right people get the right insights at the right time. This helps drive alignment and collaboration in the flow of work.
  • Deep and extensive data capture capabilities with an exciting AI-led roadmap. With Nektar’s data capture, CRM hygiene in put into auto-pilot, where Salesforce starts to self-heal any wrong or stale data.
  • Implementation is under 72 hours – low code, low effort, and fits into your existing workflows.
  • Data capture gets deployed for all revenue teams – business development, sales, customer success, account management, and partnerships.
  • Nektar automatically populates the buyer roles based on the job titles it captures from email correspondence.
  • Gong does not enhance Nektar in any way.

Depth & breadth of data capture


more CRM data on Day 1

through historical data scan


more contacts data

v/s plugin-based solutions


more activity data

v/s sales engagement platforms

Why revenue leaders love Nektar

Zero adoption;
fits into your existing workflow
No ‘death by dashboards’, only timely insights
and data integrity
customer success

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