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Ep 13: RevOps vs SalesOps: Key Differences ft. Lorena Morales

Often times we hear revenue leaders cringe when revenue operations is considered an extension of sales operations. But that’s really not the case in reality. These two functions might have their similarities, but it’s important to understand their core differences. That’s what we are going to explore in this episode.It’s a pleasure to have Lorena Morales with us today. Lorena is the Director of Global Digital Marketing Revenue Operations at JLL. She is a RevOps expert and counted among the top RevOps voices in the industry. Let’s hear it from Lorena! Want to learn more about Nektar? Talk to our team –

Ep #12: Driving Revenue With Clean CRM Data ft. Jacki Leahy

CRM is a steep investment for companies. But getting ROI from CRM remains a challenge for revenue leaders. We all know that CRM data needs to be better. But how can we make it better in a way that helps sales win more deals? Let’s ask our guest today! We have Jacki Leahy, who is a Fractional RevOps Leader and Founder at Activate the Magic. Jacki has had an interesting career path, from being a kindergarten teacher, a Manhattan apartment broker to a RevOps leader today. Let’s hear it from Jacki! Want to learn more about Nektar? Talk to our team –

Ep #11: Turning Data into Actionable Insights With RevOps ft. Vinny Poliseno

Bad data hygiene is a nightmare for RevOps teams. On one hand we have a challenge of converting our existing data into actionable insights. On the other hand, there is the problem of not having the right data in the first place.     For example, systems like CRM are often infested with bad quality data like duplicates, incorrect or incomplete information. How can companies tackle issues such as bad data quality and duplication in their systems? And how can they use clean data to drive actionable insights?     In this episode, Vinny Poliseno educates us on not just how to access the right kind of data, but to also drive actionable insights from it to inform strategy.   Vinny is the co-founder and VP, RevOps strategy and architecture at…

Ep #10: Using Customer Data to Drive Efficient Revenue Growth ft. Mollie Bodensteiner

Revenue leaders have been asked to drive efficient and effective revenue growth in the current economic environment. And to be able to reach this goal requires an uncontested access to all the customer data that companies have. First-party customer data, if captured in a complete and accurate manner, and kept updated with automations – can grant powerful insights to revenue teams to increase pipeline. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t have access to clean, complete and updated customer data in core systems like CRM. They are drawing insights from data that is getting stale at rocket speed, is incorrectly entered, or incomplete. As a result – they miss out on countless revenue opportunities. This is where the role of RevOps becomes crucial. They can not only identify these data gaps, but also…

Ep #9: Championing Data Hygiene With RevOps ft. Trent Allen

The amount of data facing organizations today is overwhelming. Most of this data is siloed and trapped in multiple systems. Data trapped in disconnected systems does not help in creating a seamless experience across the customer journey. RevOps can help with untangling this messy data web, and keep data clean and unified – so that the entire organization understands and looks at data the same way. Our guest today is passionate about this topic and will help us understand some nuances around how RevOps can take a lead in making data work for organizations. Trent Allen is with us today, Trent is a RevOps manager at Maxio, financial operations platform for B2B SaaS. Want to learn more about Nektar? Talk to our team – #datahygiene #datahygienebestpractices

Ep #8: Setting Up a Successful CRM Implementation Process ft. Craig Handy

A bulky and complex tool – the CRM is a steep investment for companies. But deriving ROI from a CRM can be quite challenging. As there are several factors that are always at play to make CRM implementation fail such as a lack of vision, poor planning, bad data, siloed functioning of departments, poor user adoption. To make CRMs actually deliver value for revenue leaders, it needs to have an implementation strategy that takes care of all things that can go wrong. And RevOps teams can own this task end to end and make sure their CRMs give them the ROI and the value that it was originally purchased for. In today’s episode, we are going to talk to a CRM implementation expert who will take us through how RevOps…

Hosted by Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

Ep #7: Driving Efficient Growth With RevOps ft. Eric Welsh

Growth at all costs is dead. With budget freezes being implementated across organizations, revenue leaders have been asked to drive efficient growth. This means doing more with less, and using effective ways to drive productivity while keeping costs at a minimum. But what does this really mean? How can revenue leaders pave the way towards sustainable revenue growth that withstands uncertain times? Let’s discuss with our guest today. We have Eric Welsh who is the Director of RevOps at Demostack. Eric is passionate about driving efficient growth. He will help us understand the nuances of sustainable growth and what it really means for RevOps in the current times. Want to learn more about Nektar? Talk to our team – #efficientgrowth #revopsguide

Ep #6: Using Customer Data to Improve the B2B Customer Journey ft. Leore Spira

Succeeding in current times requires B2B businesses to have a maniacal focus on the customer. This means revenue leaders driving businesses must have full visibility into the various stages of the customer journey. And meet them where they are, in the medium of their choice and with the exact kind of information they might be looking for. This is possible by having access to customer data. Business leaders need to be able to capture this critical customer data, the insights from which can be used to run predictable revenue engines. So how can RevOps teams approach customer data in a way that helps them generate more revenue for their business? Let’s explore with our guest today. We have Leore Spira who is currently heading Revenue Operations at Buildots. She is…

Ep #5: Building the Right Revenue Operations Team Structure ft. Darren Fay

When is the best time to start a RevOps function? And what should an ideal revenue operations team structure look like? Let’s hear it from Darren Fay, Director of Revenue Operations & Intelligence at Instructure. Want to learn more about Nektar? Talk to our team – #revenueoperationsteamstructure #buildingrevenueoperationsteam

Ep #4: Moving from a Siloed GTM Structure to a RevOps Structure ft. Dan Jiao

According to Gartner, 75% of the highest-growth companies in the world will deploy a RevOps model by 2025. Many organizations are realizing the value that a revenue operations function can bring to their revenue, especially in an uncertain market. A lot of RevOps leaders we have spoken to over the last year have highlighted how having a RevOps function is critical to survive any kind of uncertainty and running a right GTM ship.In this episode, you will hear the story of a company that moved from a siloed GTM Ops structure to a RevOps structure. Let’s hear it from Dan Jiao, Senior Director of RevenueOperations at Signifyd, on the BTS story of this transition, advantages and learnings for the rest of us to follow. Dan is a data-driven business leader…

Ep #3: Combating the Perils of Bad Data ft. Melissa McCready

Messy data in systems like CRM is a huge challenge for RevOps teams. Siloed, incomplete and inaccurate data prevents organizations from leveraging the full value of the tools in their tech stack, and ultimately leads to revenue leakage. Maintaining this data hygiene has emerged as one of the highest priority for RevOps leaders. Let’s understand why clean data has emerged as a top RevOps trend, and what the new world of B2B demands from its data. And most importantly, how clean, accurate and complete data is the foundation to running a successful revenue operations function. And to answer our questions today is our guest Melissa McCready. Melissa is the founder and CEO of Navigate Consulting Group. She has over 20+ years of experience and is a veteran in CRM, marketing…

Ep #2: Measuring Revenue Operations Metrics That Matter ft. Cliff Simon

If you are in revenue operations, you already must have a ton of data within your arm’s reach. But which data is most crucial to track and gain insights from? And which numbers, if tracked right, can exponentially impact your revenues? You can find an answer to this million-dollar question with the right metrics. Tracking the right metrics can help you redefine your current processes and devise strategies to increase revenue.In today’s episode, we will talk about Metrics that RevOps should track as an organization scales up this function. And to answer our questions today is our guest Cliff Simon, the CRO at Carabiner Group. Cliff Is an advisor and fractional executive for several high-growth start-ups where he utilizes his expertise in all things GTM and RevOps, and is an…

Hosted by Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

Ep #1: Hubspot Customer Retention With RevOps ft. Sid Kumar

Customer retention has always proved to be an excellent way to boost revenue growth. Acquiring new customers can be expensive and time consuming. There are studies that have found that retaining existing customers can cost 5-10 times less than acquiring new customers. While new customers are important, in current times when revenue leaders are being asked to “do more with less”, focusing on existing customers can prove as a survival tactic in current times of uncertainty. And RevOps plays a crucial role in driving this retention and reducing customer churn. Let’s explore more on this topic with our guest today. We are joined by Sid Kumar who is the SVP of RevOps at HubSpot. Sid has been cited among the Top 100 RevOps Leaders of our times. He has more…

Hosted by Abhijeet Vijayvergiya

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