Uncover Pipeline blindspots to win more and faster

Buyer-seller activity is a key leading indicator of how the deal is progressing and if the deal is likely to close in the current quarter. Nektar provides a complete visibility into how strongly the buyer is engaged, and what is the strength of buyer-seller relationship by connecting activity signals from different GTM systems. Nektar AI also shares recommendations on next best steps so that you can ensure that more deals that enter your pipeline are moving to closed revenue.

Get real-time view of state of your pipeline

Understand which deals are moving and which deals are the at the risk of getting stalled by getting a granular view of activities, meetings, buyer engagement, process compliance, etc. No more bouncing between spreadsheets and tabs to get the full picture and know exactly where the engagement can be improved.

  • Easily identify process and engagement gaps at deal and rep level

Know what to do next to save your deals

For the first time ever, sales reps and managers have one place to get alerts about their deals and take action on them faster than ever. And in a way that they are able to cut through the noise of multiple tools to stay focused.

  • Remove guesswork from next steps through AI generated alerts
  • Proactively de-risk deals with contextual alerts

Prioritise right deals

Identify trends in deal momentum, playbook compliance, buyer engagement, and executive connect using AI generated deal health score. See what’s working, what’s not, and what to prioritise going forward

Collaborative workspace for managing deals

Correlating activity signals from different GTM systems, spreadsheets is a waste of time and effort. Nektar workspace is built for managers and leaders to collaborate on deals with their reps asynchronously and make their 1:1s and forecast reviews more productive.

Sync your data real-time in CRM

Update important fields in CRM for each opportunity, like next steps, forecast class,
close dates 10X faster using a simple spreadsheet-like UI. Add more contextual data in your CRM with very less effort.

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