Greater Salesforce ROI, smarter revenue stack

The largest software investment for a company is Salesforce. Yet, most Salesforce CRMs miss more than 50% of critical buyer contacts and sales activities. Reason? Sellers do not update a CRM. Poor Salesforce adoption results in poor CRM data, which translates into poor insights for revenue leaders. Salesforce becomes a wasted investment. Nektar completely transforms this with AI-enabled CRM automation resulting in unmatched ROI.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Nektar fits into your existing workflow. Zero adoption is needed by your sellers or revenue leaders.

Gain a data-packed CRM that continuously maintains the highest data integrity. Nektar self-heals all bad, stale, or missing data.

Bring first-party buyer contacts and revenue activities from across the funnel – lead to cash, into your Salesforce.

Enrich the performance of other tools that rely on Salesforce data, and improve the ROI of your software spend with a smarter tech stack.

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