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Sales teams try to correlate activity signals from different systems and often deliver inaccurate numbers that waste valuable selling time. Additionally, manual processes provide few insights for improving sales results and aren’t actionable. Nektar makes it easy for you to automatically analyze every buyer interaction, and identify upside and at-risk opportunities in real-time.

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“It’s hard to know where to spend your time when you’re not sure if what you’re looking at is accurate. Nektar keeps the data up-to-date and surfaces insights into actual selling time, and inbound vs. outbound activity.”

“There’s a lot of opportunities, but we only have certain amount of time in the day… Nektar helped in breaking it down to 2 or 3 areas we can coach a rep on, and which deals matter… Nektar flags for me what I should spend my time on.”

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  • Use the buyer-seller activity as a key leading indicator to understand how the deal is progressing and if the deal is likely to close in the current quarter
  • Measure time taken from ‘Lead’ to ‘Fully Executed’ – first touchpoint, discovery call, demo call, time spent on opportunity-related meetings, etc. – to optimize sales cycles
  • Identify high-value opportunities that require more focus, and determine the incremental activities that could improve performancee

How Nektar Works

Nektar’s no-code Revenue Operations platform auto-syncs all the contact and sales activity data that your reps forgot to save – without them having to lift a finger or adopt a new tool. We integrate with all tools you are using to communicate with your prospect or track pipeline.

Connect with your tech stack

Nektar starts with secure API integration with your tech stack – Email, Calendar, LinkedIn, Video Conferencing, and other GTM tools

Scan and Filter

Once connected, Nektar’s AI scans for relevant sales contacts, meetings, emails, and other nuanced insights (competitive mentions, identified next steps) locked away in email body and call transcripts

Enrich CRM with contextual data

Nektar enriches every account and opportunity with critical sales data and insights to accelerate pipeline generation and execution

Easily integrate with your existing tech stack

We integrate with every tool that you use for pipeline development and opportunity management

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*We are SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant; you control your data