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21 RevOps Podcasts To Watch Out For

Wondering which RevOps podcast is the best for you? We created this list to make it easier for you! It's time to tune in.

It may be tough to keep up with everything new and upcoming in RevOps. But that’s not a problem when a RevOps podcast can tell you everything you need to know about the function’s past, present, and future. 

If you want to improve revenue operations and develop effective growth strategies, here are 21 podcasts you shouldn’t miss. 

1. RevOps Champions 

Launched in 2021 and recently recommended by HubSpot, the RevOps Champions podcast is hosted by Brendon Dennewill, Co-founder and CEO at Denamico (a HubSpot partner). Each episode is a little over 45 minutes. And targeted towards customer success teams leveraging technology in revenue operations.

Brendon hosts a distinguished revops leader in each episode, delving into topics such as harmonizing people, process, and technology. This revops podcast is available on multiple platforms, including Spotify, Apple, and Google. But the Denamico team goes one step further and makes it more accessible through YouTube.

Don't miss the episode "The RevOps Playbook: Mastering The Three Critical Elements" with HubSpot's very own Alison Elworthy, EVP of Revenue Operations, for some valuable revops basics.

2. RevOps and Hops

While RevOps and Hops racked up just one season, its unique concept continues to live on. Hosted by Patrick Campbell (Founder & CEO, ProfitWell) and Michael Klett (Co-founder & CTO, Chargify), the podcast sought to break down the mystery of revenue operations through enriching insights from industry leaders.

What’s interesting is how Patrick and Michael recorded the podcasts – on the San Antonio River, with craft beers and RevOps experts for company! Each power-packed episode was a little over 25 minutes long.

Pay good attention to episode 3, "Demystifying RevOps," if you're still fairly new to the world of revenue operations and want to dive deeper.

3. The Revenue Architect 

More interested in the Go To Market (GTM) side of things? Then the Revenue Architect podcast, hosted by RevOps leader Jeff Ignacio, is for you. Ending in December 2021, this revops podcast stacked up 18 episodes with multiple real-world practitioners. These were industry leaders building their businesses and offered eye-opening insights on GTM capabilities.

Revenue Architect is an inspirational guide for those wanting to start a new business and grow an excellent revenue function ranging from founders and middle management to executives.

For a bite-sized overview, check out the last episode, "How To Balance Your RevOps Tech Stack." But if you want something bigger, dig into "The Sales and Marketing Flywheel."

4. Value Builders

Value Builders, formerly Revenue Revolutionaries, is hosted by Dave Duke, Co-founder of MetaCX. It delves into how important value creation is in business relationships via conversations with today’s critical thinkers and future-forward executives.

Each episode offers nuggets of wisdom by discussing cutting-edge leadership techniques, visionary commercial and social models, and outcome-based strategies for building value. The podcast has moved into broader business horizons today.

Earlier episodes collectively called the "Shared Success Series" and "Big Thinkers Series" include interviews with RevOps leaders and experts. 

You can also tune into the earliest episodes for more power-packed sessions with revenue value builders.

5. The Sales Hacker Podcast

Sales Hacker is a well-known, leading community for sales professionals that shares invaluable resources on sales and revenue operations. The podcast is an extension of this high-quality information, hosted by Sam Jacobs, Founder & CEO at Pavillion.

It’s been active since 2018, and each episode offers granular insights into the latest sales and revenue operations strategies with relevant thought leaders and practitioners in the space. It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started or are already an industry veteran. 

The Sales Hacker Podcast has something for everyone – touching upon topics like sales enablement, sales management, sales operations, sales tech, sales and marketing alignment, and more.

Can’t decide on an episode to get started?

Begin with a recent one – "What it Takes to Lead a 1,200-person Company like ZoomInfo" – which looks at how sales tech empowers revenue operations.

6. shOPS Talk

The Wizards of Ops podcast is hosted by Sara Mcnamara, who comes with a string of accolades in the RevOps space from LeanData, Marketo, Drift, and Salesforce. Run by a non-profit, this revops podcast offers actionable and objective insights into revenue operations and sales. The first phase was broadcasted from 2019 to 2020 and relaunched as the “shOPS talk series” in collaboration with Sonar and Salesforce.

In this second phase, host Brad Smith (Co-founder & CEO at Sonar, Founder at Wizards of Ops) opted for a Zoom-based series to discuss the wizardry world of revops with a rotating panel of experts. Listeners and participants can help choose the guests or send in their burning questions.

On their Slack group, you can also connect and stay updated with the Wizards of Ops community, where ops people share advice and tips.

7. The RevOps Show

Hosts Doug and Jess take listeners on an adventure every week as they dive into everything revenue operations. The RevOps Show highlights how RevOps started as a hot trend but has sustained as a core business function for successful growth.

Each episode helps you navigate the world of revenue operations as Doug and Jess work through common scenarios, questions, and problems companies face today. Their insights also provide solutions that create a substantial impact.

Episodes discuss interesting topics such as "Is Revenue Operations a Wartime Discipline," "The One Where Revenue Operations is NOT the Right Focus," and "Who Should RevOps Be A Hero To?"

8. The Revenue Engine

Rosalyn Santa Elena brings revenue operations leaders, founders, and CEOs into the spotlight weekly on this RevOps podcast. Specifically, these leaders have driven hyper-growth companies and come with exciting insights on how they implemented successful strategies.

It’s not just stories of success, however. The Revenue Engine also discusses challenges the guests faced and outlines what they did to overcome these issues. Episodes are loaded with inspirational stories and actionable advice from innovators and disruptors in the industry.

Consider the recent episode "Unifying Data Across the End to End Customer Journey" with Abhijeet Vijayvergiya.

9. The Revenue Lounge 

Nektar’s homebred RevOps podcast, The Revenue Lounge, is a new series of candid sessions with leaders and experts in the RevOps industry. Instead of solely delving into revenue operations’ tactical and functional aspects, our podcast aims to humanize the space with real-life field insights.

It covers stories from different leaders about what drives their Revops process and how this can help others who are still learning about the industry. Hosted by Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, founder and CEO of, the episodes visit some of the biggest names in revops, busting myths about the space and learning what it’s like to be a revenue operations professional.

Check out the episode where Rosalyn Santa Elena shares her expertise on "How to Navigate the Downturn with a Hyperfocus on Productivity."

10. Metrics That Measure Up

Metrics That Measure Up, as the name suggests, focuses on data-driven metrics and thought-provoking insights that inform decision-making in B2B SaaS companies. Founders, CEOs, and GTM leaders share stories of scaling their business from $0M ARR to $100M ARR and up.

Each guest discusses their measurement of success, performance, and benchmarks that guide their processes. These guests come from distinguished cloud-based companies like LinkedIn, DocuSign, Salesforce, and ringDNA.

For a revenue operations professional, you can listen to their RevOps section, which has 9 informative episodes on the role of data and processes in the space.

11. Operations with Sean Lane

As the VP of Field Operations at Drift, Sean Lane is the perfect host for this RevOps podcast. Given his extensive knowledge, Sean goes “under the hood” of hyper-growth companies to understand how they work and what operational tactics they deploy.

The podcast shows how the world of revenue operations isn’t always glamorous but how a visionary or disruptor can turn the tables and scale business growth. Leaders from Salesforce, Amazon, and several other prominent companies have appeared on the podcast.

Check out the episode "Why Operations is the Key to Sales & Marketing Alignment" to get started.

12. Gain Grow Retain

Gain Grow Retain has everything going for it within the title alone. The RevOps podcast leans into how businesses can gain, grow and retain customers through a special focus on customer success in revenue operations. It has various topics but never dims the spotlight on a customer-first approach.

Hosts Jeff Breunsbach and Jay Nathan interview customer success, SaaS, and technology leaders to understand how they grow and scale their businesses, overcoming day-to-day challenges. The podcast’s CS Blueprint series is worth listening to, with each episode over 40 minutes long.

Kickstart your revenue journey with the episode titled "CS Blueprint: The Secret To Scaling A Start-up."

13. OpsStars 

OpsStars is already a burgeoning community for operations professionals, even organizing multiple events, awards, and conferences for those in the RevOps space. Their RevOps podcast moves ahead with similar objectives to bring marketing, sales, and customer success ops teams together with shared ideas and best practices.

The episodes divulge extensive insights into innovative strategies and tactics in the space through authentic conversations with OpsStars (RevOps professionals leading the roost). You can learn to create exceptional buyer experiences and drive growth with revenue.

Episode 20 with TJ Mackle, titled "Designing a Buyer-Centric Seller Experience," is a good one to start with.

14. Sales Tech Podcast

True to its name, the Sales Tech Podcast dives into everything about sales tech for sales operations, revenue operations, sales leaders, and sales professionals. Every week, host Thom Singer interviews leading experts to find out what’s new and exciting in the world of sales tools, including what’s working and what may not be working so well.

If you’re a sales or revenue professional looking for fresh thoughts and ideas in sales tech, backed by valuable, actionable content, this RevOps podcast is for you.

Tune into Episode 16 – "Keeping Humanity in Sales" – for a new perspective on the selling process and working with sales tech.

15. Kill Yr Silos

Tune into Kill Yr Silos and find yourself greeted by a pumping punk rock song, and of course, some nuggets of wisdom on RevOps will follow. Host Jason Reichl brings together his love for punk rock and business in this podcast.

Jason has lived in the world of RevOps for long enough to offer only the most valuable take on how you can leverage the function to grow your business while driving unparalleled customer experience.

All episodes are equally informative, but we suggest starting with "Data vs. Human" to hear Jason and guest Angela Welch discuss creating a seamless revenue engine. And at the same time, exchange horror stories on revops challenges.

16. Revenue Builders

Revenue Builders is hosted by notable names in the industry – five-time CRO John McMohan and Force Management’s Co-founder John Kaplan. The show mainly peeks behind the scenes with people who have been there and done that in the world of RevOps. John and John pride their podcast on “great conversation, solid interviews, and tangible takeaways.”

If you’re interested in tackling best practices for scaling and growing your business while learning which shortcomings to avoid, tune into this series.

Check out some of their recent episodes, "The Blueprint for a Sales Dream Team" and "Leadership Lessons on Resilience from an Afghan Freedom Fighter," for compelling insights.

17. Sales Pipeline Radio

Hosted by Matt Heinz (President, Heinz Marketing), the Sales Pipeline Radio podcast is a fast-paced series. You can listen to one episode every day during your lunch break. That’s how quick and power-packed it is. Matt shines the spotlight on leading B2B sales and marketing experts, covering the entire sales pipeline.

From demand generation, lead management, and sales effectiveness to sales tech, you’ll find it all on this RevOps podcast. What’s good is that the show launched in 2022, so you can piece together recent and up-to-date intelligence on RevOps.

Sales leaders particularly should check out the episode "How to Hire, Onboard and Coach World-class Sales Talent" in conversation with Justin Clifford of Demandwell.

18. Advanced Selling Podcast

The longest-running sales podcast, the Advanced Selling Podcast, has topped over 800 episodes to date and still releases episodes every week. Hosts Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale come with more than two decades of experience in sales, sharing useful frameworks, tips, and tricks for sales professionals to build a successful career.

Their approach is fun and quirky yet real. The podcast covers everything from prospecting, sales communication, and goal setting to achieving revenue goals. Not only do Bill and Bryan talk about strategies that work, but they also delve into what doesn’t work.

Become the best possible version of yourself with tactical inputs in each episode. 

19. The Predictable Revenue Podcast 

This RevOps podcast is for all professionals needing deeper insights into developing processes for predictable revenue. Hosts Sarah Hicks and Collin Stewart interview outbound sales leaders to derive real-world learnings from people on the RevOps frontline.

Tune in to the episode "Financial Impact of Breaking Down Your Revenue Organization Silos" or "The Impact of Data Hygiene in Sales Orgs." 

Each episode will help you learn sales development, coaching, and prospecting best practices from those who have built successful sales teams.

20. B2B Revenue Leadership

Leading RevOps teams is a whole different ball game than working within one. The B2B Revenue Leadership podcast gets that. It’s solely for those climbing up the ladder in revenue operations by focusing on driving revenue using modern and scientific leadership approaches. If you’re a CEO, CMO, CRO, or VC, this revops podcast is perfect for you.

Start with the recent episode "How to Rapidly Build a Team and Scale Your Career in B2B" and move on to older ones like "How the Smartest Companies are Marketing and Selling Today" and "The #1 Thing that Great Enterprise Sales Leaders Do Right."

21. Make It Happen Mondays

Mondays. A day that can be the most dreaded time of the week for some. Not for John Barrows (leading B2B sales trainer), who takes it upon himself to inspire sellers with out-of-the-box and real-world success stories. Every Monday, he shares actionable sales tips to win more deals and interviews industry leaders for their tips and strategies.

In the Make It Happen Mondays podcast, you can learn everything about sales, from AI and leadership to negotiating and social selling.

Some of the eccentric topics include "A Product is a Non-human Salesperson," "Just Two Sales Guys Talking," and "How I Slowed Down Aging."

Tune in to Your Favourite Shows

Since RevOps is a work-in-progress, you may need additional, trustworthy sources of information to keep getting better at it. Each RevOps podcast will give you unique insights and perspectives on scaling your business growth for success.

If you just had to start with one, we’ll be partial to our own, The Revenue Lounge podcast. Get a real-world view of revenue operations from some of the biggest experts in the industry. Tune in now.


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