Nektar - Close revenue faster with better CRM data | Product Hunt Nektar - Close revenue faster with better CRM data | Product Hunt

Activity Data Capture and Intelligence Layer Built for Sales

For the first time, you can capture and unify full-funnel revenue activity data and buyer contacts in your CRM. Accurately fix your missing CRM data with activities & contacts that got buried in email, calendars, LinkedIn and Zoom.

  • Free historical scan to restore the missing CRM data.
  • Zero rep adoption.
  • Automatic upload of contact roles from email signatures.
  • Deep dive into engagement of the entire buying committee
  • 7x ROI on day 1

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Actionable pipeline visibility, from creation to close

Get real-time insights into how every deal is progressing, the risks to mitigate, and buyer-rep engagement. Confidently optimize sales plays to ensure more closures and efficiency. Understand deal momentum in real-time to eliminate the need for daily sales catch ups or unnecessary tools.

Accurate, complete CRM data and reporting

Nektar scans Salesforce, emails, calendars, and Zoom to capture the contacts missed by reps. It extracts email signatures to auto-populate buyer contact roles, helping you build an accurate buying committee map. Know how engaged buyers are in the sales cycle with clear visibility of multi-threaded deals.

Auto-sync All Historic Activities

Nektar syncs and captures all historic activities around emails, calendar events, and meeting attendees directly into salesforce. Contacts & activities are auto-tagged with the right opportunities, putting an end to manual intervention. Store your data forever with Nektar.

Tap untapped revenue opportunities

Become aware of your hidden pipeline by surfacing fresh leads that reps missed adding to the CRM, and plan towards reaching more informed commits and best-case scenarios.

See how much data your CRM is missing with a free, no-obligation, data-protected CRM scan.

  • Get CRM health score, benchmarked across companies
  • <30 mins of implementation time

*We are SOC2 and ISO 27001 compliant; you control your data

Graph explaining growth of CRM scan

How Nektar Works

Nektar’s no-code Revenue Operations platform auto-syncs all the contact and sales activity data that your reps forgot to save – without them having to lift a finger or adopt a new tool. We integrate with all tools you are using to communicate with your prospect or track pipeline.

Connect with your tech stack

Nektar starts with secure API integration with your tech stack – Email, Calendar, LinkedIn, Video Conferencing, and other GTM tools

Scan and Filter

Once connected, Nektar’s AI scans for relevant sales contacts, meetings, emails, and other nuanced insights (competitive mentions, identified next steps) locked away in email body and call transcripts

Enrich CRM with contextual data

Nektar enriches every account and opportunity with critical sales data and insights to accelerate pipeline generation and execution

Talk to our Team

We will demonstrate the impact of Nektar in an interactive call where we can learn about your priorities and tailor the conversation to your business needs.