Improve your CRM hygiene with

no additional effort

CRM demands for a lot of manual data entry to have complete and reliable data. As sales reps prioritise selling over data entry, most orgs struggle to get complete data into their CRM around buyers, key persona, activities and meetings. Nektar’s advanced AI and CRM automation eliminates manual entry by automatically capturing all your sales data from your tech stack.


more activities tracked compared to a plugin solution


more contacts in CRM, trapped as email attendees and meeting invitees


more CRM data on Day 1 through historical data scan

How we do it

Nektar starts with API integration with your tech stack – Email, Calendar, LinkedIn, Video Conferencing, messages, etc. Whichever tool you are using to communicate with your prospect or track pipeline, we integrate with it. Once connected, Nektar scans for relevant sales contacts, upcoming meetings, email activity, messages, and add it to the CRM. Our advanced AI further harvests important details such as email signature, next steps, competitive mentions directly from emails and call transcripts.


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