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Working on supercharging revenue operations?

Look no further than the AI for RevOps –

Learn why it’s being used not just by Sales teams but also by Customer Success, Partnerships, Solution Engineers, and Account Management teams.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Why Wins?

Data-first strategy

GTM teams have a data problem, not an insights problem. Every new product capability is focused on capturing unstructured and siloed GTM data.

CRM-first approach

Nektar promises ‘Pristine CRM Data’. All captured data is always added to your CRM, giving you clean, complete, and reportable CRM data.

Zero user adoption

Nektar embraces data automation. No heavy-lifting is required by any GTM team, making it the most convenient RevOps solution in the market.

Data privacy

Nektar continuously maintains and enriches your data, using your own data. We never cross-reference data of other customers to enrich your contact data.


A majority of our product is co-created with our customers. Our enterprise-grade product is enhanced with a team that specializes in enterprise and SBM markets.

Lower TCO

No-code implementation in under 3 days with minimal training only for the admin. Post go-live, it requires no change management.

ROI on day 1 seems exaggerated?

Participate in no-obligation free CRM scan, and check how much data you are missing!

Nektar is Revolutionizing Revenue Data Management

On-demand historical data capture (data time travel)

Automated meeting status

Meeting invitees v/s attendees breakdown

Auto-create leads

Partner activity capture

Automated preferred OCR creation

Only actively involved buyers get added as OCRs

Link revenue activities to every participating contact on Salesforce

Link revenue activities to every participating internal user on Salesforce

Automated activity classification

Manual via Slack

Slack integration

Core to Nektar’s actionable revenue insights

Merely a notification system

Hear from our customers

Ready to see AI for RevOps in action?

“We were dealing with significant leakage of our activity data in our CRM. We were looking for a partner to solve this issue. We found this partner in Nektar. Not only did we see 3000+ activity and 150+ contacts added during our seamless onboarding process, but this was done and will continue to be done without any user adoption needed. We are now starting to see a complete picture of our sales cycle.”
Bryant Krieger
Director, Revenue Operations at Archipelago