The Tool of Choice for First-Party Customer Data?

Learn why not just Sales teams but also Customer Success, Business Development, Partnerships, Solution Engineering, Professional Services, and Account Management teams use Nektar to gain clean and complete first-party customer data.

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Why Wins?

Data-first strategy

GTM teams have a data problem, not an insights problem. Nektar-added data will remain in your standard CRM objects even if you choose to terminate Nektar.

CRM-first approach

Nektar promises ‘Pristine CRM Data’. All captured data is always added to your CRM, giving you clean, complete, and reportable CRM data.

No user adoption required

Nektar embraces APIs and automation. There’s no UI for Nektar users. Data gets captured in the backend, making it the most convenient solution.

Data privacy

Nektar continuously maintains your CRM data, using your data. We never cross-reference data of other customers to enrich your data.

Real-time intelligence

Since data is added to your CRM in realtime, all your CRM dashboards get updated instantly. So you have access to the latest insights from the most updated data.

Full attribution reporting

Attribute meetings to every participant internal to your company without creating duplicates. This helps measure the effort and impact of each team member.

ROI on day 1 seems exaggerated?

Participate in no-obligation free CRM scan, and check how much data you are missing!

Nektar is Revolutionizing Revenue Data Management

On-demand historical data capture (data time travel)

Automated meeting status

Meeting invitees v/s attendees breakdown

Partner activity capture

Exact meeting end-time using Zoom APIs

Automated preferred OCR creation

Only actively involved buyers get added as OCRs

Update sync behavior based on human actions on Salesforce

AI + Human Intelligence (HI)

Link revenue activities to every participating contact on Salesforce

Link revenue activities to every participating internal user on Salesforce

Automated activity classification

Manual via Slack

Hear from our customers

Ready to see AI for RevOps in action?

“We were dealing with significant leakage of our activity data in our CRM. We were looking for a partner to solve this issue. We found this partner in Nektar. Not only did we see 3000+ activity and 150+ contacts added during our seamless onboarding process, but this was done and will continue to be done without any user adoption needed. We are now starting to see a complete picture of our sales cycle.”
Bryant Krieger
Director, Revenue Operations at Archipelago