Elevate Customer Success into an Efficient Growth Channel

Know what’s happening with the remaining 90% of your customers. Foresee churn risk or upsell opportunities and take a data-driven path to customer-led growth.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Data capture and intelligence layer built for customer success leaders

Automatically capture every
CSM activity

CS tools lack a majority of data because CSMs have to manually log their activities. Start capturing contacts, emails, and meetings automatically and take data-driven decisions to manage your customers

Plan and monitor executive engagement

Stay updated on upcoming QBRs and ensure executives and key stakeholders are invited. Know when QBRs are completed and track the attendance of your key stakeholders.

Encourage consistent engagement with every key stakeholder

Oftentimes, most customer accounts are led by a single champion. All engagement from CSMs is directed to that single person, and not the entire committee. Prevent this by observing engagement with every key stakeholder.

Spot single-threaded customer accounts

Foresee customers that are single-threaded, which usually is a strong leading indicator of churn. Such early warnings are delivered to the right people via Slack, MS Teams, or email.

Prevent churn risk when
champions quit

Get instantly informed when your champion quits. Since Nektar.ai gives you relationship and engagement insights, you can simultaneously spot your backup champions.

Prioritize the right customers

Ensure CSMs are prioritizing and engaging the right accounts, the right people, at the right time with leading indicators that help retain customers effectively.

Ready to take control of your gross revenue retention?

No rep adoption required

Secure by design – SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant

Configured to your business needs

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