Scale prospecting efficiency with unmatched visibility into pipeline creation

Sales teams depend on SDR/BDR teams to create a qualified pipe. Prospecting efficiency becomes critical. But significant time is wasted working non-critical leads. Before this is noticed, the quarter is nearly over. Exceptional prospecting efficiency requires absolute visibility into leading indicators of SDR/BDR performance from lead to demo conversion. With Nektar, a strong qualified pipe is achievable every quarter.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Achieve efficiency gains by ensuring SDRs/BDRs are prioritizing hot MQLs

Measure SDR/BDR efficiency by monitoring progress toward the first meeting

What our customers say

“Nektar’s ability to capture and match contact to the corresponding opportunity had a huge impact who we target in the buying committee and how we engage with them.”

Monitor SDR/BDR productivity and ensure hot leads never turn cold

Improve CRM data integrity and SDR-AE handover hygiene by automatically syncing all lead activities into your CRM

Gauge the depth and breadth of account penetration. Ensure sellers are consistently engaging the key stakeholders to create new opportunities.

Run targeted ABM campaigns using first-party, marketable contacts captured directly from sellers’ inboxes and calendars.

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