Influence sales cycles using relationship intelligence with the buying committee

Relationships are the outcome of the activities that reps undertake daily. But when these activities stay buried in inboxes and calendars, it becomes impossible to measure these outcomes. Nektar automatically syncs past and ongoing activities against relevant contacts and opportunities so you gain timely relationship insights sent to your Slack and via Salesforce reports.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Identify your champions from the buying committee by tracking who among them has been actively engaging back, especially in this uncertain market that’s forcing downsizing.

Prioritize accounts that are poorly multithreaded by monitoring the depth and breadth of account penetration.

What our customers say

“After implementing Nektar, we have better insight into how are opportunities handled and if timely follow-ups are happening, if we are engaging with right prospects at the demo stage.”

Know if key stakeholders have been identified at every stage and are being engaged frequently, not only to monitor buyer-seller interactions but to also track if reps are adhering to sales processes.

Revive ghosted or lost deals by identifying highly engaged buyers from activities that happened in the past, even before Nektar was implemented.

Optimize sales playbooks by combining engagement and relationship insights to find successful patterns in buyer-seller interactions across segments, territories, and verticals.

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