Scale revenue-winning patterns across the sales team

‘Doing more with less’ has become mission-critical. Increasing productivity per rep is an urgent priority for revenue leaders. Nektar grants revenue leaders in-depth visibility into rep productivity to take more ‘right actions repeatedly’ in lesser time and with fewer resources, resulting in rep higher productivity and efficiency.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Know exactly how and where your sellers are spending their time – are they prioritizing non-critical, low-value deals or strategic, high-value deals that greatly impact the pipeline?

Ensure sellers are identifying key stakeholders in every deal on time and are building relationships with the entire buying committee by multithreading their deals.

What our customers say

“The best part of Nektar leaderboards is that it gives quantitative data on how the reps are pushing across deals, what’s their follow-up cadence, sales process adherence.”

Dig deep into what makes your top sellers successful. Optimize your sales processes to include these winning behaviors for the entire team to replicate to drive efficiency at scale.

Monitor sales process adherence – be it MEDDIC, MEDDPICC, BANT for every deal across every rep, effortlessly

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