Stop revenue leaks with actionable, reliable, and timely insights

What if you could foresee revenue leaks before you lost revenue? Take control of your growth with Nektar’s actionable revenue intelligence – your early warning system.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Never miss a revenue risk

Reliable, accurate insights

Nektar first cleans and unifies your revenue data in the CRM, making insights 100% reliable and accurate.

No noise, only relevance

Configure the right insights for the right people at the right time for a noise-free intelligence experience.

Not a dashboard

You don’t have to adopt yet another dashboard. All insights are delivered on Slack or Microsoft Teams.

Built for you

Looking for a specific insight? Just configure it in less than 2 minutes.

Achieve funnel efficiency with full-funnel visibility

Build pipeline with sales-marketing harmony

Increase collaboration and process adherence by aligning your sales and marketing teams with actionable insights, and achieve your lead-to-opportunity conversion goals.

Drive the right actions to progress the right deals

Spot deal risks in advance to prioritize deals that matter, and guide your reps to take timely actions that sustain deal health and momentum.

Foresee fake deals and predictably close deals

Remove late-stage surprises and get assurance on which deals will close every quarter. Win your CFO’s trust by confidently narrowing the gap between forecasted and actuals.

Turn dashboards into processes and track adherence

Reinforce process adherence by combining every insight with the next best step in the process. Make agility and process adherence your revenue teams’ superpower.

Know your advocates with relationship insights

Track buyer-seller engagement and the state of multithreading for visibility into which buyers have not been responding to your team. Make use of executive touches to influence deals forward.

Spot reasons for winning and losing deals

Take control of your revenue growth with win-loss insights. instantly know which behaviors must be replicated or discarded and optimize your processes.

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