Still unhappy with your sales intelligence software? Your sales data is the problem

Regain confidence in your sales intelligence to predictably grow revenue with complete and trusted contact and sales activity data in Salesforce using AI revenue data automation.

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Boost your sales intelligence capabilities with pristine
sales activity data

Deeply identify what’s working and not working in your sales execution
without any data cleanup efforts.

Capture granular and reliable sales activity data automatically from sellers’ inboxes and calendars, and unlock deep visibility into sales execution.

Gain complete sales data by capturing realtime and historical sales activities, and maximize the accuracy of your existing sales intelligence capabilities.

Strong data governance assures extensive control over captured data with no risk of duplicate data that offers accurate deal and pipeline insights.

Instantly enhance the performance of sales intelligence tools that rely on CRM data, resulting in a greater ROI on your sales tech investments.

Continuously maintained activity data in your CRM ensures you get the most up-to-date sales data for your sales intelligence needs.

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Buying committee roles

Automatically assign a buying role to buyers involved in a deal based on various factors such as job title, engagement levels, and more.

Activity grouping

By defining contextual keywords, automatically group sales activities into different types of activities

Contact attribution

Every activity is attributed to external participants, enabling you to generate contact-level engagement reports to measure buying committee engagement.

Internal attribution

Attribute activities to internal participants to measure the effort and cross-functional collaboration needed to close deals effectively.

Meeting attendance

Access granular meeting insights in the event record on Salesforce such as a breakdown of invitees and attendees, meeting completion status, and exact meeting duration.

Advanced data automation

Transform your CRM data, including cross-object data, into insights within Salesforce fields using simple English with GPT

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