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Improve and enhance existing sales reports by generating never-before-possible insights from granular sales activity data using AI CRM data automation.

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How Nektar force-multiples sales reporting

Deeply identify what’s working and not working in your sales execution
without any data cleanup efforts.

Granular and reliable first-party sales activity data captured from sellers’ inboxes and calendars present the reality of sales execution.

Captured data syncs into standard Salesforce so it is fully compliant with native Salesforce reporting capabilities.

You retain ownership of the captured data even if you terminate Nektar since it is added to standard Salesforce objects.

Data syncs in realtime, so your sales dashboards on Salesforce are always updated.

Get all your historical data gaps in your CRM plugged on day 1 of implementation, maximizing the accuracy of your existing sales reports.

Sales tools that rely on CRM data perform better instantly, resulting in a greater ROI on your sales tech investments.

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Real Time Data Capture

Automatically and in realtime sync buyer contacts and sales contacts in standard Salesforce objects accounts, opportunities, tasks, events.

Activity types

Effortlessly group sales activities that happen across the sales cycle into types to understand which activities to do more of and which to reduce.

Contact attribution

Every activity is attributed to external participants, enabling you to generate contact-level engagement reports to measure buying committee engagement.

Internal attribution

Attribute activities to internal participants to measure the effort and cross-functional collaboration needed to close deals effectively.

Meeting attendance

Know if the invited key stakeholders (decision makers, economic buyers) are attending the meetings.

Advanced data automation

Transform your CRM data, including cross-object data, into insights within Salesforce fields using simple English with GPT

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