What will you do with 8x more buyer contacts?

Ramp up ABM campaigns? Derive newfound relationship intelligence? Multithread every opportunity? Engage the entire buying committee? Contact data is the single-most fundamental ingredient of revenue generation. So why should they remain buried in inboxes, calendars, and other communication channels? Bring them all to your CRM automatically.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Gain fuller contact lists for every Account in your CRM by capturing them from your reps’ inboxes, calendars, and Zoom meetings

Clearly segment Account contacts and Opportunity Contact Roles (OCR) based on contacts’ affinity and involvement in ongoing Opportunities

What our customers say

“AEs engage with a lot of prospects, but sometimes they end up adding just one contact to an opportunity or a lead. They do not have the time or bandwidth to add every contact they’re speaking to. These were key contacts we were missing out on and Nektar helped us to automate this data capture, which enabled us to target our prospects with campaigns and tailored messaging”

Automatically build out the buying committee map to uncover intelligence on buyer-seller relationships and engagement

Enrich every contact with job titles and phone numbers that also get auto-updated as and when they change

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