Identify pipeline risks early, before they threaten your revenue

To push deals from creation to closed-won, it is essential to overcome risks proactively, know what is working, scale it across the sales force, and consistently repeat the process. Nektar is the only solution that can enhance CRM data integrity to the highest standards and deliver timely insights on pipeline progression to revenue leaders. This results in unified, undiluted pipeline intelligence.

Trusted by high performing global revenue teams

Effortlessly track the number of untouched or inactive opportunities. Ensure sellers prioritize strategic, high-value deals with timely follow-ups.

Gauge the depth and breadth of buyer-seller relationships. Track poorly multithreaded opportunities and ensure sellers are consistently engaging the entire buying committee.

What our customers say

“We use Nektar to get activity data. The information about your in-flight deals – how are we engaging with the buyer, how many touchpoints we’ve had, what meetings were held, how the buyer responds – is the foundational information that your deal review and forecast rests on.”

Spot real deals sooner by monitoring how frequently buyers are engaging back with your sellers.

Instantly spot deals with poor momentum when they’ve been stuck in the same stage. Timely guidance and executive nudges can revive such deals.

Improve forecast accuracy by easily identifying beforehand which opportunities will be postponed.

Measure the count and frequency of activities and buying committee coverage needed from opportunity creation to close to set benchmarks for optimizing sales cycles.

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