Top 10 EBSTA Alternatives in 2024

Here's a look at top EBSTA alternatives that you can consider to add in your revenue tech stack. Read on to find out.

Sales and CRM tools like EBSTA have long been instrumental in transforming sales activity into actionable insights. EBSTA, with its robust features and capabilities, has empowered sales teams to drive pipeline reviews and prioritize opportunities effectively. However, as the business environment shifts and diversifies, exploring alternatives to EBSTA becomes increasingly crucial.

This article explores the top 10 EBSTA alternatives, highlighting their unique offerings. While EBSTA has undoubtedly been dependable, sales teams must consider alternative solutions that align more closely with their evolving needs. So, let’s look at the ten alternatives that can reshape your sales strategy

What is EBSTA?

EBSTA is a prominent player in sales and customer relationship management. It offers a sophisticated platform designed to empower sales teams with the tools they need to close more deals expeditiously while fostering predictable sales growth. EBSTA is all about harnessing the power of revenue intelligence to provide actionable insights that can revolutionize how businesses approach their sales strategies.

Meticulously tracking interactions, touchpoints, and engagement across various platforms allows sales professionals to spot potential risks on the horizon. The early-warning system mitigates uncertainties and improves sales performance. It allows sales teams to fine-tune their approaches for maximum effectiveness.

Furthermore, EBSTA excels in helping organizations achieve the elusive goal of accurate sales forecasting. Analyzing historical data and real-time insights help EBSTA empower sales leaders to make informed commitments, reducing the unpredictability associated with sales projections.

Top 10 EBSTA Alternatives

Here are ten options that are worthy alternatives to EBSTA in 2023.

  1. Nektar
  3. Revenue Grid
  4. Setsail
  5. Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)
  6. Linkpoint
  7. Match My Email
  8. Riva Engine
  9. Collectiveai
  10. Clari

1. Nektar

Nektar is a cutting-edge sales and customer relationship management platform that offers comprehensive features designed to elevate the effectiveness of sales teams. Nektar provides actionable pipeline visibility, enabling sales teams to gain unparalleled insights into their processes and strategies.

Nektar’s key strength lies in its ability to ensure CRM data is not just present but accurate and complete. Inaccurate or incomplete data can hinder sales, leading to missed opportunities and flawed decision-making. Nektar addresses this challenge by delivering a robust data management and reporting system. Sales teams can rely on trustworthy information to guide their strategies and decisions.

Another standout aspect of Nektar is its support for account-based selling. A personalized and account-focused approach can be a game-changer for any modern sales team. Nektar provides the tools to effectively implement and manage account-based selling strategies, fostering deeper relationships with key accounts.

Key features:

  • Actionable pipeline visibility
  • Accurate, complete CRM data and reporting
  • Account-based selling
  • Targeting untapped revenue opportunities

2. People AI

People AI is a sophisticated solution that seeks to transform the way organizations manage their customer relationship management (CRM) data and sales processes. The software offers diverse features to enhance effectiveness across multiple facets of sales operations.

Accurate and up-to-date CRM data is the lifeblood of successful sales teams. People AI provides complete and automated CRM data by automating data entry and ensuring that CRM records are always current. It enables sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

Advanced forecasting is another area where People AI excels. Accurate sales forecasting is indispensable for making informed business decisions and managing resources effectively. People AI leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to deliver precise sales forecasts.

Key features:

  • Complete and automated CRM data
  • Advanced forecasting 
  • Align people, processes, and technology

3. Revenue Grid

Revenue Grid is a powerful platform revolutionizing how organizations approach sales and revenue management. One of Revenue Grid’s standout features is its provision of 360-degree pipeline visibility. A complete view of the pipeline is invaluable in the complex sales world. 

Revenue Grid empowers organizations with a holistic perspective on their sales pipelines, enabling them to track and manage opportunities from every angle. The panoramic view ensures no critical detail gets missed and sales strategies remain fine-tuned for maximum effectiveness.

Another crucial aspect of the Revenue Grid is its ability to align actual and forecasted revenue. Accurate revenue forecasting is essential for making strategic decisions and resource allocation. Revenue Grid’s advanced algorithms and data analytics ensure revenue and forecasts align closely, providing you the confidence to make informed choices.

Key features:

  • 360-degree pipeline visibility
  • Actual and forecasted revenue match up
  • Revenue signals to improve the sales process

4. Setsail

Setsail offers robust features designed to empower businesses with actionable insights derived from the activities of their top-performing sales representatives. The platform’s distinguishing attribute is its ability to analyze the actions of top reps meticulously. Closely scrutinizing the behaviors and strategies of the most successful team members allows Setsail to identify patterns and best practices that contribute to revenue growth. 

The process is a valuable learning tool, allowing other sales professionals to emulate successful approaches. Setsail goes beyond activity tracking; it zeroes in on the specific behaviors that directly drive revenue for your business. Understanding the precise actions that result in successful outcomes is crucial. Setsail offers granular insights into these revenue-driving behaviors, equipping you with the knowledge to scale success.

Key features:

  • Analyze top reps’ activities
  • Track behaviors that drive revenue for your business.
  • Data-backed signals to identify prosperous areas in your sales process

5. Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)

Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) is a professional tool that enhances the management of customer interactions and activities within Salesforce. EAC offers dynamic features pivotal for optimizing customer relationship management and sales processes.

EAC seamlessly captures emails and events from Microsoft or Google accounts. In today’s interconnected business world, communication occurs across various platforms, and EAC bridges the gap by consolidating these interactions. Capturing emails and events from widely used email providers allows EAC to ensure no vital communication gets overlooked.

EAC further enhances Salesforce by seamlessly integrating these captured events into the activity timeline of Salesforce records. The integration becomes a centralized repository of customer interactions. It helps sales teams access relevant information swiftly for more personalized engagement.

Key features:

  • Captures email and events from Microsoft or Google account 
  • Adds events to the activity timeline of Salesforce records
  • Captures contact data for email insights

6. Linkpoint

Linkpoint is a revenue intelligence solution that is changing how businesses manage their customer interactions and data within Salesforce. It offers features that empower businesses to optimize customer relationship management and sales processes efficiently.

Linkpoint simplifies email recording with a single click, ensuring valuable communications are effortlessly captured without cumbersome manual data entry. The streamlined approach frees up valuable time for sales professionals. It allows them to focus on building meaningful customer relationships.

Linkpoint also showcases its adaptability through custom Salesforce object and field detection. Every organization has unique data requirements, and Linkpoint recognizes the importance of flexibility. It intelligently detects custom Salesforce objects and fields, ensuring the data captured aligns perfectly with the organization’s specific needs. The customization capability ensures Linkpoint seamlessly integrates into an organization’s existing Salesforce infrastructure to enhance its utility.

Key features:

  • Simple one-click email recording
  • Custom Salesforce object and field detection
  • Secure client-side deployment

7. Match My Email

Match My Email is a professional-grade solution revolutionizing how organizations manage and synchronize their email and calendar data. The platform empowers businesses to streamline customer relationship management and precisely optimize their scheduling processes.

Match My Email stands out by its unwavering commitment to ensuring the accuracy of email and calendar data. Inaccurate or incomplete data can compromise decision-making and customer interactions. Match My Email employs advanced algorithms and data validation mechanisms to guarantee the precision and completeness of every email and calendar data it captures. 

In addition to data accuracy, Match My Email permanently stores email and calendar data. Data loss or mismanagement can disrupt business operations and lead to compliance issues. Match My Email is a secure and comprehensive data repository archiving critical communications and schedule information.

Key features:

  • Ensures accurate email and calendar data
  • Permanently stores email and calendar data
  • Compatible with any email client and host.

8. Riva Engine

Riva Engine offers a solution that bridges the gap between your revenue and communication stack.

Riva Engine understands that efficient data management is crucial to maximize revenue potential. It serves as the connective tissue between various systems and ensures critical customer data remains synchronized. The synchronization eliminates the possibility of data silos and disjointed information, enabling organizations to make informed decisions.

Moreover, Riva Engine acts as a guardian of data integrity. It governs the flow of information, enforcing consistency and accuracy across the revenue and communication stack. The governance is essential for maintaining a high standard of data quality, which is instrumental in driving successful sales strategies and customer engagement.

Key features:

  • Automated data capture
  • Rev Ops sidebar
  • Integrated bookings

9. Collectivei

Collectivei is a professional-grade platform that embodies the essence of cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights in sales and customer relationship management. One of the hallmark capabilities of Collectivei is its use of AI-generated forecasting and opportunity odds. Accurate forecasting is the lifeblood of informed decision-making. 

Collectivei leverages the power of artificial intelligence to provide highly accurate and data-backed sales forecasts. These forecasts are not merely predictions but are grounded in real-time data analysis. It enables sales teams to make strategic decisions with precision. Moreover, the platform calculates opportunity odds, offering a nuanced understanding of the likelihood of deal closures.

Collectivei also simplifies sales data management through automated activity and contact input into CRM systems. The time-consuming task of manual data entry is virtually eliminated, allowing sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals. 

Key features:

  • AI-generated forecasting and opportunity odds
  • Automated activity and contact input into CRM
  • Transparency to remove unexpected misses with collaboration tools

10. Clari Capture

Clari Capture‘s platform’s provides real-time insights and enhance forecasting precision, all with a focus on optimizing revenue-related activities.

Clari Capture’s standout feature is its ability to reduce administration time through automated data processes. Automating data entry and management tasks allows sales professionals to redirect their focus from mundane administrative work to strategic, revenue-generating activities.

Real-time coaching during revenue-critical moments is another feature of Clari Capture. Clari Capture provides real-time insights and guidance to sales teams, enabling them to make data-backed decisions precisely when they matter most. 

Key features:

  • Reduced administration time with automated data
  • Real-time coaching in revenue-critical moments
  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy for revenue precision


The search for the perfect revenue intelligence tool to complement your sales operations is a crucial journey. While EBSTA has long been a trusted ally in this space, it’s essential to remain proactive and adaptable to the evolving demands of your business.

The top 10 EBSTA alternatives we’ve explored have diverse features that cater to various needs. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, there’s an alternative solution that can help you streamline your sales efforts and drive your business toward enhanced success.


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