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Stay up-to-date with our July 2022 product release blog. Explore the latest features and improvements in our software.

We’re patting ourselves on the back today because this is our very first product release blog. What it means is that you will learn about our latest product developments (and improvements) that enhance your Nektar experience—presenting our July 2022 product updates to you!


Deal Alerts to increase proactive hustle

When you log into Nektar’s insights dashboard, Revenue+, you’re welcomed to a clean and neat interface that helps consume information with minimal effort. Every Revenue+ board is lined with columns (like a spreadsheet). These columns form the base of Nektar Deal Alerts. In addition to the existing columns, we’ve added the following columns in this release:

  • Contacts – Displays the count of the total number of OCRs (Opportunity Contact Records) in an Opportunity, regardless of whether they were created on Salesforce by a sales rep, or auto-created by Nektar Data+.
  • Age – Shows how long an opportunity has been open.
  • Next Activity – Shows the ‘When’ and ‘What’ of the planned next activity in an opportunity; ‘When’ being the date, and ‘What’ being the type of activity.
  • Last Activity – Shows the ‘When’ and ‘What’ of the last completed activity in an opportunity.

But the real magic starts here. The data in these columns are used to trigger Deal Alerts. More interestingly, you have the power to configure these alerts to match your sales process and requirements. The configuration can support any permutation and combination. Let’s assume Acme Inc wants deal alerts to get triggered for:

  • Deals above $50,000
  • Number of contacts in an opportunity less than 4
  • Opportunity has been open for more than 120 days
  • No next activity identified
  • Last activity was completed more than 14 days ago
  • Forecast class is ‘Commit’

When the RevOps Manager at Acme Inc defines these rules, Nektar will start flagging (literally; Nektar puts a ‘red flag’ icon against the column that has a rule) any Opportunity that matches these rules. Sales managers and leaders get instant visibility into:

  • Which deals need immediate action or follow-up
  • Which reps are being proactive AND productive

Accordingly, Sales Managers can offer personalized coaching and deal guidance that can accelerate deal momentum and improve sales performance.

Effortlessly prioritize the right deals at the right time

Quantitative data is always more informative and satisfying. Deal health has traditionally been measured qualitatively based on broad deal progression and the rep’s gut feel. Now, Nektar is transforming this practice with Deal Health Score – a quantified measurement of deal health that considers 25+ parameters across:

  • deal momentum
  • buyer-seller engagement
  • number of contacts identified and engaged in an opportunity
  • playbook compliance

But that’s not all. Nektar’s Deal Health Score is fully configurable to suit your sales process and requirements, enabling you to get the most accurate and reliable status of in-flight deals.

By combining Deal Health Score with Deal Alerts, Managers and Leaders from RevOps and Sales can fundamentally transform their approach to deal and pipeline reviews. You can review your pipeline asynchronously. With lower effort and in minimal time, the Deal Health Score will indicate which deals to prioritize and which deals require immediate action. Meanwhile, Deal Alerts highlight the leading indicators for every deal and how proactive and productive your reps are.

With such unprecedented visibility and granular insights, Nektar ensures the right deals are prioritized at the right time.

Smart syncing of contacts to Opportunities

This powerful update significantly impacts multithreading score and deal health score. As a Nektar customer, you know that Nektar:

  • Captures job titles from email signatures
  • Populates the Opportunity Contact Role automatically

And now, we’re taking a step forward towards true CRM data integrity.

Nektar’s AI is now capable to decide which Contacts must be added to an Opportunity, and which ones should remain at an Account-level only. This smart deep syncing capability offers 2 benefits. With contacts being split clearly between Opportunity and Account:

  • Sales/ RevOps leaders get true visibility into multithreading and buyer engagement. Ultimately, only those contacts that are closely involved in a deal must be multithreaded to impact the Opportunity.
  • Secondly, Marketing can customize their targeting efforts based on Account-level contacts (who are important to the deal, but not critical) and Opportunity-level contacts (important and critical).


Activity log for Nektar-enriched contacts

Until now, Nektar had a provision on Salesforce to show the number of contacts it captured and auto-created. But now, based on customer requests, we’ve added a provision to track the contacts that have been updated or enriched by Nektar – updated the job title, added a phone number, etc.

In line with Nektar’s core value – this activity log gives true visibility to RevOps and Sales on the value Nektar’s data capture capabilities. More importantly, over time, this will show the expanse of contact data that would have remained stale without Nektar.

Instantly monitor opportunity management, rep-wise for improved deal reviews

Our insights dashboard, Revenue+, is now equipped with Opportunity Owner filters. Sales and RevOps managers can now easily study how opportunities are being managed by individual reps and offer personalized guidance and coaching.

Let’s assume Jane, Sales Manager at Acme Inc logs into Revenue+ to review her team’s opportunities. Her first review meeting is with John. So she immediately filters all opportunities owned by John. Using the Deal Health Score and the Deal Alerts as leading indicators, she’s able to asynchronously review John’s progress within a few minutes. Now the review meeting is transformed into a forward-looking strategy meeting vs a backward-looking review meeting.


  • Capture activity and contact data from Zoom meetings to know which buying committee members are truly engaged in an opportunity.
  • A default view of only your team’s opportunities for quick insight into pipeline activities within your team.
  • Aggregates of relevant revenue metrics on Revenue+ boards.


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