Recognized as a High Performer in G2’s Summer 2023 Report

Celebrate's success! Explore why they're a High Performer in G2's Summer 2023 Report. Discover their exceptional offerings today.

In G2’s Summer 2023 Grid Reports, has been recognized as a High Performer in the ‘AI Sales Assistant’ category. Less than 4 quarters since our global launch and less than 2 quarters since we’ve been listed on G2, this is a testament to the value and impact our customers have experienced with Nektar.

Being an AI-enabled revenue efficiency platform, Nektar helps eliminate the problem of:

  1. Siloed revenue data across marketing, sales, customer success tools
  2. Stale, incomplete, and incorrect contact and activity data in Salesforce
  3. Broken visibility and monitoring of the customer journey and lifecycle (because of the data siloed in function-specific tools)
  4. Navigating multiple dashboards and spreadsheets to get meaningful insights

Outperforming the Average Rating Across Every Parameter

Nektar is one of the few solutions in the category that has outperformed the average rating across all parameters.

  • 100% agreed Nektar offers high-quality customer support (category average 96%)
  • 100% affirmed Nektar is easy to do business with (category average 96%)
  • 99% believe Nektar met their business requirements (category average 95%)
  • 98% said Nektar is easy to set up (category average 94%)
  • 97% agreed Nektar is easy to use (category average 95%)
  • 96% said Nektar is easy to manage (category average 95%)

What our Customers Say

What our customers love about Nektar:

Nektar filled in a major gap when migrating from Hubspot to SFDC by retrieving historical emails. Instead of starting out w/ bad data in SFDC, we had extremely accurate activity and contact data. Beyond that, Nektar captures all email communication in SFDC without requiring a plugin or our reps to take any action. No longer do we have to remind reps to log things or instruct them to download a plugin.

Ben K., Director of Sales, ArmorCode has been a game-changer for us in terms of capturing and utilizing buyer and activity data to make better decisions and close deals faster.

K. Hastu, Vice President of Growth, MoEngage

The fact that our Salesforce today is filled with contacts and activities that would have been otherwise remained buried in inboxes and calendars is a gift. All this with zero need for adoption – literally, nobody in Zluri had to do anything. This powerful automation by Nektar is remarkable.

Rohit R, Marketing, Zluri

Nektar offered a more direct sync into our CRM that was less error-prone and didn’t require setup by our customer-facing reps. Thanks to the historical sync, we saw Day 1 benefits across functions and systems.

Alex Dyson, Senior Manager of Revenue Operations, Signifyd

Nektar came in and automated data capture, preventing data leaks and saved hours of sales reps’ time, thus enriching the database and leading to better insights that we can trust.

Manohar Nandigam, Sales Enablement Lead, MoEngage Inc

What problems is Nektar solving for its customers?

Nektar has allowed us to make more informed decisions and unlock the true potential of our sales pipeline.

K. Hastu, Vice President of Growth, MoEngage

We were dealing with a significant leakage of our activity data in our CRM and Nektar helped add 3000+ activity and 150+ contacts during our seamless onboarding process, without any user adoption needed.

Bryant Krieger, Director of Revenue Operations, Archipelago 

Getting all of our Prospect and Customer data into Nektar helps fill in our data gaps which saves us valuable time. In the past, I’ve seen sales teams struggle to update, Nektar makes capturing every Contact and Activity simple for us via automation. No more waiting on sales reps to update Salesforce!

John Aguilar, Senior Director Sales Operations,

Nektar helps to get all the buyer data into Salesforce and fills in the gaps that would have taken 50+ weekly revenue-generating productive hours from the sales team on a weekly basis. No more waiting on anyone to update Salesforce!

Karthik Rajaram, Senior Sales Operations Manager, MoEngage Inc

With Nektar we were able to identify 2000+ contacts that was buried across communication channels and 70% of our buyer activity got added back to SFDC.

Raghu R., Sales Ops Manager

If you’re solving for revenue leaks and struggling with bad CRM data, you need Nektar. 

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