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Discover the leading People.AI alternatives for revenue intelligence solutions. Explore these top 10 platforms for improved revenue optimization.

Data-driven decision-making reigns supreme today for any modern sales team. And revenue intelligence solutions have emerged as essential tools for them to stay competitive and achieve their sales targets. has garnered attention as a comprehensive platform that harnesses AI to enhance revenue operations. 

However, in the pursuit of optimizing their revenue strategies, prudent sales teams recognize the importance of exploring People AI alternatives that align more precisely with their specific requirements. This article looks at the best alternatives to to understand the diverse options that will help you enhance efficiency in your sales operations.

What is PeopleAI? has established itself as a prominent player in sales operations . It has gained widespread recognition for its expertise in guiding enterprise sales teams toward optimal pipeline growth and revenue generation strategies.’s enterprise revenue intelligence platform is a strategic tool for organizations striving to navigate intricate sales cycles efficiently.

Fueled by its proprietary AI technology, empowers sales teams to engage discerningly with critical stakeholders within targeted accounts. The platform takes a methodical approach that expedites sales cycles and positions businesses to secure high-value deals. Embedded within this approach is an acute awareness of the fundamental role of interpersonal connections in driving successful transactions.

Top PeopleAI Alternatives

Here are ten People AI alternatives you should consider for your business.


Nektar is a top-tier People AI alternative focusing on revenue operations and intelligence. A cohesive contact and activity capture system, Nektar’s primary commitment revolves around maintaining CRM data integrity and cleanliness. Nektar’s driving force is seamless aggregation and proficient management of contact interactions and activities. They contribute to a comprehensive vantage point for revenue intelligence. 

The systematic approach lays the foundation for organizational workflows for enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, Nektar offers an unobstructed perspective into the intricacies of revenue generation processes. The unwavering dedication to preserving CRM integrity and ensuring data hygiene solidifies Nektar’s role as an indispensable revenue intelligence platform.

Key features:

  • Actionable pipeline visibility
  • Accurate, complete CRM data and reporting
  • Account-based selling
  • Targeting untapped revenue opportunities

2. Setsail

Setsail is a pioneering player in sales optimization. It offers a comprehensive solution that empowers organizations to discern the winning selling behaviors propelling revenue growth. Meticulously monitoring the activities of sales representatives, deals, and accounts helps Setsail equip you with the insights necessary to maintain a competitive edge. 

A cutting-edge revenue intelligence solution, it goes beyond mere sales activity tracking. It provides the means to gauge the alignment of reps’ actions with strategic objectives. With Setsail, integrating revenue intelligence into the sales process becomes a transformative step. It lets you stay informed about your sales team’s performance and ensure that suitable activities are pursued for optimal results.

Key features:

  • Analyze top reps’ activities
  • Track behaviors that drive revenue for your business.
  • Data-backed signals to identify prosperous areas in your sales process

3. Einstein Activity Capture (EAC)

EAC introduces a fluid solution that harmonizes data interchange between Salesforce and email and calendar applications. It guarantees data precision and up-to-the-moment relevance. The tool effectively establishes a live linkage between essential platforms of your sales operations. 

The intricacies of data management are effectively alleviated by EAC, allowing your sales team the liberty to channel its energies toward sales activities of greater strategic significance. This tool’s advanced data synchronization capabilities empower you to allocate your attention to pursuits contributing to revenue enhancement.

Key features:

  • Captures email and events from Microsoft or Google account 
  • Adds events to the activity timeline of Salesforce records
  • Captures contact data for email insights

4. MatchMyEmail

MatchMyEmail is a dedicated tool working with a mission to enhance the efficiency of Salesforce users. It enables users to maximize productivity and accomplish more extraordinary feats within their designated time frames. Their offerings are a catalyst in liberating employees from the burdensome manual chore of selecting and logging customer communications into the Salesforce system.

The underlying strength of automation lies at the core of this software. It effectively eradicates the time-consuming tasks associated with data entry. The dynamic feature empowers Sales professionals to redirect their efforts toward more value-driven endeavors. Seamlessly ingrained within the Salesforce framework, the platform also harmonizes the process of capturing pivotal customer interactions.

Key features:

  • Ensures accurate email and calendar data
  • Permanently stores email and calendar data
  • Compatible with any email client and host.

5. RevenueGrid

RevenueGrid presents multifaceted capabilities that grant your sales teams an unparalleled edge. Pioneering the domain of sales strategies, Revenue Grid offers many advantages, like 360-degree pipeline visibility. This unique feature positions your team with the precision required to navigate intricate sales terrains seamlessly.

Beyond this, the platform’s prowess extends to recalibrating sales forecasting accuracy. Facilitating strategic decision-making rooted in dependable insights allows Revenue Grid to empower your team to chart its course with heightened certainty. Furthermore, the platform imparts a transformative impetus to revenue teams bolstered by an unwavering dedication to elevating peak performance. 

Key features:

  • 360-degree pipeline visibility
  • Actual and forecasted revenue match up
  • Revenue signals to improve the sales process

6. Clari Capture

Clari Capture unlocks the latent potential for revenue performance optimization across organizational echelons. It unveils dynamic tools engineered to ignite growth trajectories and catalyze tangible sales outcomes.

Sales teams can harvest actionable insights and execute decisions grounded in informed acumen. Clari Capture allows you to bridge the gap between revenue generation and strategic decision-making effectively.

Key features:

  • Reduced administration time with automated data
  • Real-time coaching in revenue-critical moments
  • Enhanced forecasting accuracy for revenue precision

7. Collectivei

Collectivei‘s platform harnesses the potency of AI-driven insights and provides an avenue for precise forecasting and assessing opportunity odds. This unique capability empowers sales professionals to refine their strategic focus rapidly.

The platform automates activity and contact inputs into CRMs and associated tools. Collectivei addresses the challenge of unforeseen oversights by seamlessly integrating collaboration tools that enhance the buyer experience.

Key features:

  • AI-generated forecasting and opportunity odds
  • Automated activity and contact input into CRM
  • Transparency to remove unexpected misses with collaboration tools

8. Linkpoint

LinkPoint catalyzes elevated productivity within email applications. It does so by harmonizing the elements of data capture, compliance adherence, and workflow imperatives in CRM systems.

Linkpoint helps forge a seamless fusion between email communications and the requisites of CRM operations.

Key features:

  • Simple one-click email recording
  • Custom Salesforce object and field detection
  • Secure client-side deployment

9. Riva Engine

RivaEngine emerges as a transformative solution in the intricate data management sphere, spanning revenue and communication. The Revenue Data Ops Engine is at the forefront of Riva’s arsenal. The platform offers tools to elevate the dependability and caliber of deals and customer data.

Key features:

  • Automated data capture
  • Rev Ops sidebar
  • Integrated bookings


EBSTA emerges as another prominent solution in driving enhanced revenue outcomes. The platform wields its expertise to transform CRM data into actionable insights of significance. The adept transformation of this data translates into tangible results like unlocking the latent potential that resides within CRM repositories. It consequently positions your business to orchestrate strategic deal closures with finesse.

The innovative platform goes beyond the surface by bestowing a profound understanding of the effectiveness of sales activities. EBSTA’s capabilities extend to a holistic elevation of sales representative performance. Through this comprehensive lens, EBSTA actively empowers your sales team with the means to refine strategies and elevate decision-making.

Key features:

  • Real-time opportunity data
  • Track sales activity across the customer journey
  • At-risk deal detection with actionable insights


These alternatives to unveil many innovative platforms that promise to reshape how sales teams approach revenue optimization. Each option offers distinct advantages that cater to varied operational needs and strategic preferences. 

As you look for the ideal revenue intelligence solution, this comprehensive list will give you the insights you need to make informed decisions. Carefully evaluate these alternatives’ features and integration capabilities to choose the best solution for your goals.


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