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Top 10 B2B SaaS RevOps Agencies in 2024

Here is a list of top Revenue Operations agencies that you can consider if you want to implement a RevOps model in your organization. Read on!

RevOps is the backbone for driving sustainable growth and maximizing revenue. By breaking down silos between sales, marketing, and customer success teams, RevOps fosters seamless collaboration and alignment, ensuring a unified approach towards revenue generation. 

Even though the importance of RevOps has been largely understood by organizations, one bone of contention remains: RevOps agencies.  

Top RevOps agencies claim to empower businesses to leverage data-driven insights and implement scalable processes. This can lead to improved efficiency and enhanced revenue and customer experience.

However, how true are these claims? What is a RevOps agency, and what do they do? When should you consider hiring a Revenue Operations agency, and what are the top agencies in the market? We answer all this and a lot more in our exclusive blog. 

B2B SaaS RevOps Agencies

Top RevOps Agencies to Consider in 2024

1. Winning by Design

winning by design

Winning by Design is an internationally recognized B2B revenue consulting and training firm. Their expertise lies in empowering recurring revenue teams to design sustainable growth strategies. They employ scientific frameworks and well-established models to support Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams in B2B companies and global enterprises, ultimately helping them achieve significant positive outcomes. 

Winning by Design is dedicated to driving revenue growth throughout your portfolio by offering tailored value creation solutions designed specifically for B2B recurring revenue enterprises. Their goal is to equip your team with the necessary tools and processes to cultivate a data-driven culture that fosters sustainable revenue growth.

2. is a consulting firm specializing in Revenue Operations (RevOps) that focuses on supporting B2B SaaS companies in accelerating their growth. With a wealth of expertise in revenue operations, offers a diverse range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of SaaS businesses. These services encompass revenue strategy development, sales and marketing alignment, process optimization, technology implementation, and data analytics.

By capitalizing on their industry knowledge and time-tested methodologies, aids clients in streamlining their revenue operations, enhancing efficiency, and boosting revenue generation. They collaborate closely with organizations to deliver actionable insights, implement scalable processes, and drive sustainable revenue growth in the long run. is highly esteemed for its commitment to delivering tangible results and assisting SaaS companies in achieving excellence in revenue generation.

3. MatterMade

Matter Made specializes in supporting B2B SaaS companies in achieving effective and enduring expansion, covering everything from marketing strategy and leadership to execution and results.

Their RevOps services aid companies in managing lead and sales distribution, qualification, tracking, analysis, and closure. Apart from RevOps, they also offer services in GTM (Go-To-Market) strategy, demand generation, Product-Led Growth (PLG), and paid media.

4. Six & Flow

Six and Flow, excels in driving growth and empowering businesses to achieve revenue excellence. Their combination of strategy, technology, and creativity sets them apart as a trusted partner for SaaS companies looking to streamline revenue operations and enhance sales and marketing alignment.

From implementing scalable processes to maximizing lead generation and conversion rates, Six and Flow is dedicated to delivering measurable results and fostering sustainable revenue growth for B2B SaaS organizations. 

5. Avidly Agency

Avidly is a RevOps firm specializing in assisting B2B SaaS enterprises in optimizing revenue strategies for sustainable growth. Their comprehensive offerings encompass inbound marketing, demand generation, and consultancy in revenue operations. Avidly Agency is renowned for their extensive proficiency in harmonizing sales and marketing endeavors, establishing scalable procedures, and maximizing the rates of lead generation and conversion.

Their team of skilled experts collaborates closely with clients to comprehend their distinct business requirements and devise customized solutions that stimulate revenue expansion. Avidly has built a robust reputation by delivering quantifiable outcomes and offering exceptional guidance to B2B SaaS companies aiming to elevate their revenue operations.

6. Remotish 

Remotish specializes in offering HubSpot operations for revenue-generating teams. Their Monthly RevOps Program is designed to assist companies in utilizing their HubSpot portals to drive decision-making and facilitate growth.

Alongside RevOps support, Remotish provides HubSpot onboarding, consulting, and WebOps support. They use existing HubSpot themes and templates to bring their clients’ ideas and visions to life.

7. New Breed

New Breed offers comprehensive demand generation services, RevOps capabilities, and revenue apps that empower subscription companies worldwide to generate demand, acquire customers, and retain revenue. 

Recently, they unveiled significant enhancements to Distributely, the first lead distribution application designed explicitly for HubSpot users. This innovative tool simplifies assigning new leads, deals, companies, and support tickets to the most suitable sales and service representatives for follow-up. This powerful combination enables businesses to scale efficiently by reducing overhead expenses, enhancing customer experience, and shortening their sales cycle.

8. Digitopia

Digitopia Agency is known for its specialization in assisting SaaS companies to optimize revenue strategies and foster growth. With a strong emphasis on digital transformation and revenue operations excellence, Digitopia Agency offers a diverse range of services tailored to cater to the unique needs of its clients. These services encompass revenue strategy development, sales and marketing alignment, process optimization, technology implementation, and data analytics. 

With a team of seasoned professionals, Digitopia Agency collaborates closely with organizations to streamline their revenue operations, enhance efficiency, and maximize revenue generation. They provide strategic guidance, implement scalable processes, and leverage technology to drive sustainable growth for their clients. Digitopia Agency has earned high acclaim for its expertise in revenue operations and unwavering commitment to aiding B2B SaaS companies in achieving revenue success.

9. RevOps Automated

RevOps Automated is a specialized B2B SaaS Revenue Operations (RevOps) agency that strongly emphasizes harnessing automation and technology to optimize revenue processes. Leveraging their expertise in revenue operations and automation, RevOps Automated Agency aids SaaS companies in streamlining and scaling their revenue operations for enhanced efficiency and accelerated growth. 

Their comprehensive services encompass implementing revenue systems and platforms, integrating and automating sales and marketing tools, developing data-driven strategies, and optimizing customer lifecycle management.

By employing cutting-edge technology and automation solutions, RevOps Automated Agency strives to optimize revenue, improve customer experiences, and facilitate sustainable revenue growth for its clients. Their proficiency in utilizing automation to unlock the full potential of revenue operations in the B2B SaaS sector has earned them recognition in the industry.

10. The Clueless Company

The Clueless Company is a Revenue Operations consultancy firm that helps B2B SaaS businesses, from early stage startups to those on their 1 to 10 journey to enterprises to optimize their revenue operations by aligning their marketing, sales, and customer service departments.

The founders Manasi and Mehul have a combined experience of 23 years in the industry. They know how the B2B SaaS sector works, and have seen businesses grow and fail for several reasons, one of them being misaligned operations. Their objective with The Clueless Company and revenue operations is to ensure that it doesn’t happen.

The Clueless Company also gets involved with your product development roadmap, and poses as the biggest critics of your SaaS product which will be a crucial growth factor. From market expansions to stagnant growth, TCC has been involved in various stages of growth for their customers, following a non-traditional approach in each instance.

This has helped TCC optimize CAC and boost LTV and MRR for their customers and they continue doing it for B2B SaaS brands that knock on their doorstep.

What is a RevOps Agency?

A RevOps agency is an independent group that provides RevOps as a Service, assisting SaaS and B2B companies in making data-based decisions. The agency’s expertise involves designing smooth integrations among marketing, sales, and customer success teams. 

A Revenue Operations agency may offer expertise in various areas, including:

1. Sales Operations

Streamlining sales processes, managing sales data, and implementing sales enablement tools to improve sales team efficiency.

2. Marketing Operations

Optimizing marketing automation platforms, managing data analytics and reporting, and aligning marketing efforts with sales and customer success teams.

3. Customer Success Operations

Improving customer retention, reducing churn, and enhancing customer satisfaction through effective customer success strategies and processes.

4. Technology and Tools

Assessing and implementing the right technology stack to support revenue generation efforts, including CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, customer success tools, and more.

5. Data Analytics and Reporting

Analyzing data to gain insights into revenue performance, customer behavior, and overall business health, enabling data-driven decision-making.

6. Cross-Functional Collaboration

Ensuring seamless collaboration and alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success teams to optimize the customer journey.

Let’s analyze when should organizations strengthen their own RevOps department, and when should they hire an external RevOps agency?

When Should You Hire a RevOps Agency? 

A company should prioritize full-time, in-house positions for functions that are essential. Here are a few instances when strengthening the in-house RevOps team might be beneficial for an organization:

  • Company-specific processes: In-house teams have a deeper understanding of your organization’s unique processes, culture, and goals, which can be valuable when tailoring RevOps strategies.
  • Data and security concerns: If your industry or company has stringent data privacy or security requirements, an in-house team may be better equipped to handle sensitive information.
  • Better Integration and Collaboration: In-house teams can work more closely with other departments, fostering collaboration and a unified approach to revenue optimization.

However, many-a-times organizations might be better off hiring an agency:

  • Expertise and specialization: An external agency with specialized knowledge can bring proven strategies and best practices to the table.
  • Immediate impact: Agencies often have experience and resources to quickly implement effective RevOps strategies, potentially leading to faster results compared to building an in-house team from scratch.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Agencies can quickly adjust their level of involvement based on your needs. This can be particularly useful during periods of rapid growth or transformation.
  • Cost consideration: Depending on the size of your organization and its revenue goals, it might be more cost-effective to engage an agency for specific projects or periods rather than maintaining a full in-house team.

Companies should complement their in-house RevOps team by utilizing external resources like a RevOps agency or a performance marketing partner. Hiring an external team could save both time and money, depending on the expertise required.

Finding the right Revenue Operatios agency for your organization can be daunting, so we have compiled a list of top RevOps Agencies for your consideration. 

This list includes a diverse range of RevOps consultants, from leading agencies to smaller establishments, aiming to assist you in growing your B2B organization in 2023 and beyond.


In the rapidly evolving landscape of B2B SaaS, the role of Revenue Operations (RevOps) agencies has become increasingly pivotal. As we explored the top 10 B2B SaaS RevOps agencies, it’s clear that these industry leaders are reshaping the way businesses approach revenue generation. From their innovative strategies that streamline processes and enhance data accuracy to their expertise in unifying sales, marketing, and customer success, these agencies drive growth and efficiency like never before.

As you contemplate the right RevOps agency for your unique needs, remember that success in today’s competitive market demands more than just optimization—it requires a holistic approach across departments and functions. 

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