10 Sales Leaders Reveal Their Top SDR Traits

What are some non-negotiable traits that every sales development representative should possess?

Finding SDRs whose personalities align with your values and goals can be tough.

How do you narrow down on the top traits of an SDR before you share an offer letter with them?

We asked 10 sales leaders on what traits they look for when they interview remote sales development representatives. These are SDR traits that create stellar sales teams.

Let’s dive straight into what they said:

Sales Tips: 10 Sales Leaders Reveal Their Top SDR Traits

I look for a strong intent to learn. It’s very important for reps to have that learning ability. 

Even if you don’t know about the product, domain or solution, you can always pick it up if you have a learning intent. Whenever I see this as a negative, I tend to not go for the candidate.

Abhijeet Vijayvergiya, CEO at Nektar.ai

For me, the top traits have to be grit, creativity and a passionate curiosity.

 Connor Strapp, Sales Leader at InsightSoftware

Being goal-oriented is #1. And goals change over time. They start with learning the products or services, to building certain personal skills, to meeting or exceeding goals etc.

Great reps use effective questions and listen well to the answers.

Shawn Greene, Sales Training Leader at Savage and Greene

Customer empathy is highly undermined. I see that it reflects in the responses. 

It is the most important aspect. “People make decisions.” It’s a game of mind vs ego, and salespeople need to be there for customers, for anything, even non-related ones, in their fastdial list.

Aditya Sharma, SaaS Entrepreneur

So there you go, tips straight from the horse’s mouth. These have helped us in our hiring process for a sales development representative and we hope it will be of value to you too.

On the basis of our learning from sales and revenue leaders, here are some of the top traits that we have defined for us at Nektar when we hire a sales development representative:







Team player



Active Listener

We did a detailed post on the basis of our interactions with these sales pros and have collated the list of top 10 traits that are non-negotiable for a sales development representative.

Check them out here.

If you have anything to add to this list on the basis of your experience in hiring a sales development representative, do share your inputs in the comments below.

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