data hygiene

Unlocking Data Success: How RevOps Can Transform Data Hygiene for Companies

Data hygiene is an essential prerequisite for revenue growth. Read about the role RevOps can play in championing this cause.

data hygiene

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, organizations are increasingly recognizing the indispensable value of data in driving growth. However, the sheer volume, velocity, and variety can pose significant  data cleaning challenges. Data hygiene issues can hinder decision-making, customer experiences, and overall operational efficiency. 

As a RevOps team, you need to be able to help all teams. A big part of it is making sure all the different tools and systems are connected. RevOps is there to plan, help with processes, building process paths and writing those out. It is also the keeper of truth. When it comes to numbers, we need to ensure that people have actionable data, and we help them with the best process to move forward.

trent allen, revenue operations manager at maxio

In this blog, we re-look at our conversation with Trent Allen, Revenue operations manager at Maxio – the financial revenue operations platform. We discuss Revenue Operations (RevOps), and how it can offer a strategic approach to address data hygiene concerns to unlock untapped potential.

Listen to the full conversation here:

Let’s begin with what’s data hygiene and how RevOps can help solve the issue of unclean data:

What is Data Hygiene?

Data hygiene refers to the practices and processes used to ensure data’s cleanliness, accuracy, and reliability. It involves maintaining and improving data quality throughout its lifecycle, from creation to disposal. Organizations can minimize errors, inconsistencies, redundancies, and other issues impacting data integrity and usefulness by implementing data hygiene measures.

Data hygiene is crucial in RevOps by ensuring accurate, reliable, high-quality data across all revenue-related functions. Clean data enables informed decision-making, as it provides accurate insights and trends.

Check out our entire conversation with Trent, around Revenue Operations, and how it can facilitate data hygiene.

What is RevOps? And What Role Does Data Hygiene Play in it?

RevOps, short for Revenue Operations, is a strategic approach that aligns and integrates an organization’s sales, marketing, and customer success teams. It optimizes revenue generation by breaking down silos, improving collaboration, and streamlining processes across these departments.

RevOps teams typically work on aligning sales and marketing strategies, implementing and optimizing sales processes, managing and analyzing customer data, and leveraging technology tools to improve operational effectiveness. RevOps ensures a cohesive and coordinated approach toward revenue generation by aligning sales, marketing, and customer success efforts. It promotes better communication, eliminates inefficiencies, and enables data-driven decision-making.

A critical aspect of coordinating various departments is ensuring the cleanliness and accuracy of data, which is where data hygiene comes into play. RevOps recognizes that high-quality data is essential for making informed decisions. By implementing data hygiene practices, RevOps teams work to cleanse and maintain data integrity, eliminating errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies.

I think a big part  is making sure all the different tools and systems are connected and that the data is passing between them fluidly, so that the end-user can save their time.

trent allen, revenue operations manager at maxio

How Can RevOps Facilitate Data Hygiene?

A company’s data is like a garden—a vast expanse of information, ripe with potential. However, just like a garden, data requires meticulous care and attention to thrive. This is where Revenue Operations (RevOps) steps in as the expert gardener, armed with the tools and strategies to ensure optimal data hygiene.

Here are a few ways in which RevOps can contribute to maintaining clean and accurate data:

1. Data Governance

RevOps can establish data governance policies and standards across the organization. This includes defining data quality metrics, data validation rules, and data ownership responsibilities. RevOps ensures that data is managed consistently and effectively by setting clear guidelines.

2. Data Integration and Alignment:

RevOps teams work towards integrating data from various sources, including sales, marketing, and customer success systems. They can identify and resolve inconsistencies, redundancies, and inaccuracies by aligning data from different departments. This process improves data integrity and ensures a single source of truth.

3. Data Clean-up and Enrichment

Data cleaning and enrichment includes reviewing and updating customer and prospect information, eliminating duplicate records, and correcting errors or inconsistencies. This enhances data accuracy and reliability.

4. Data Analytics and Reporting

Data analytics tools and techniques can provide insights into customer behaviour, revenue trends, and sales performance. RevOps identifies patterns, anomalies, and data quality issues by analyzing data. This information helps in addressing data hygiene challenges and improving overall data quality.

5. Training and Education

RevOps teams can train employees across departments on data hygiene best practices. This includes educating teams on data entry standards, data maintenance procedures, and the importance of data quality. By increasing data literacy within the organization, RevOps promotes a culture of data hygiene.

Clean data ensures accuracy, integrity, and reliability, leading to improved decision-making and strategic planning. Data hygiene enhances operational efficiency, as it reduces errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies that can hinder processes.

You want to be careful about what you allow to be manually input, if the data is flowing to your center of truth, then it can have a huge impact. Every team has a different model, and with us, we have made RevOps to be the centralized pillar of truth for the company.

trent allen, revenue operations manager at maxio

Benefits of Having a Data Hygiene Strategy

Let’s have a detailed look at the various benefits of Data Hygiene: 

1. Accurate decision making

Clean and accurate data serves as a reliable foundation for making informed decisions. By ensuring data integrity, organizations can trust the information they rely on, leading to more accurate insights and better decision-making at all levels.

2. Improved operational efficiency

Data hygiene minimizes errors, redundancies, and inconsistencies in data. This leads to streamlined processes and increased operational efficiency. Clean data allows employees to access and use relevant information quickly, saving time and resources.

3. Enhanced customer experience

Clean data gives organizations a holistic view of their customers, ensuring a personalized and tailored experience. Accurate customer data helps understand customer needs, preferences, and behavior, leading to improved customer engagement and satisfaction.

4. Better sales and marketing performance

Clean and reliable data gives sales and marketing teams accurate insights into customer behaviour, buying patterns, and trends. This allows for targeted marketing campaigns, more effective lead generation, and improved sales forecasting, ultimately driving revenue growth.

5. Data-driven insights

Data hygiene facilitates effective data analysis and reporting. Clean data allows for more accurate and meaningful analytics, enabling organizations to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities. These data-driven insights support strategic planning, optimization of processes, and identification of business opportunities.

6. Compliance and risk mitigation

Maintaining data hygiene is essential for regulatory compliance, especially in industries with strict data protection and privacy regulations. Clean data reduces the risk of errors or breaches that could lead to legal or financial consequences.

7. Cost reduction

Poor data hygiene can result in wasted resources, such as time spent on correcting errors or dealing with inaccurate information. By investing in data hygiene practices, organizations can reduce costs associated with data inaccuracies, redundant efforts, and inefficient processes.

One of the biggest challenges in RevOps is to work with all the different tools and the different external sources of data. How do you control them to make sure that what’s coming in is the most reliable? Data governance is the secret sauce for RevOps success and it definitely helps if you have an extremely clean CRM so that your team is not worried about filtering through that information.

trent allen, revenue operations manager at maxio

About Nektar

Nektar ensures pristine CRM data with RevOps through a combination of robust data governance practices and data validation & cleansing tools. By establishing clear data standards and ownership, Nektar maintains data consistency and accountability and puts your CRM data hygiene on auto-pilot. Leveraging automated tools, they identify and rectify data errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies, ensuring data integrity.

Nektar, an industry-first RevOps platform, unifies data capture by automatically gathering and integrating full-funnel activity. It makes clean and accurate contact data available to all frontline teams. The platform secures data integrity and maintains hygiene for a true view of your sales pipeline and revenue intelligence.

Nektar further integrates the revenue tech stack to amplify ROI. It gathers data from multiple channels, including email, calls, Slack, and more.

Nektar’s unique machine-learning capabilities ensure continuous learning and improvement. It adapts to changes within your CRM data, guaranteeing that everything remains up-to-date and precise. This aspect becomes especially crucial for businesses handling vast amounts of data, ensuring that accuracy and currency are consistently maintained.

If you have prioritized better data this year, Nektar is here to support you. Connect with our data experts to explore how Nektar can help you achieve your ambitious goals of maintaining clean and reliable CRM data.

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